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The quarterly magazine of the Men's Resource Center for Change (MRC), Voice Male, is a unique voice chronicling the social transformation of masculinity. Its male positive, pro-feminist, gay-affirmative, anti-racist approach, invites a range of voices promoting healthy manhood and challenging violence. Columns on fathering, youth, men of color, men who have survived abuse or neglect, gay/bisexual and questioning men, and men's health, are augmented by feature stories on a range of topics from male violence in sports to pornography's manipulation of men; from how men cope with losing their fathers to how women and men can work together for social justice and gender reconciliation.

"I never get any work done when Voice Male arrives in the mail. Voice Male brings me life, hope and inspiration. Toiling away in the daunting work of redefining masculinity, Voice Male lets me know that, yes, I do have brothers and sisters who are raising our sons into men who are not emotionally and spiritually crippled by the rigid and destructive old 'tough guise' of masculinity. Amen for Voice Male and the richly male voices that burst from its pages."

--Joe Kelly, Founder, Dads and Daughters; Publisher, Daughters: For Parents of Girls.

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Fall 2006 Voice Male



Cover Story

A Call to Men

By Ted Bunch and Tony Porter read on-line

Violence in Sports: The Head-Butt Heard Round the World

By Tony Switzer read on-line

Intimacy and Porn: A Contradiction in Terms

By Haji Shearer read on-line

Reflections on Men's Loss, Grief, Anger and Change

Finding the Way Through

By Steve Cutting

Columns & Opinion

From the Editor: The Dictionary of Letting Go

By Rob Okun read on-line

Mail Bonding

Men @ Work

Book Review
Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture, by Ariel Levy

Reviewed by Aviva Okun

Book Review
Alone in the Trenches: My Life as a Gay Man in the NFL, by Esera Tuaolo

Reviewed by Gretchen Craig

GBQ Resources

Love Makes a Marriage

By Mitch Sorensen read on-line

Men's Health
Frozen Peas

By Gregory Keer read on-line



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