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    With graceful and powerful appearance , the beautiful curve when Pagero driving.

    M-ASTC Mitsubishi traction control under computer, M-ASTC can control each wheel, engine rotational speed , acceleration, direction and automobile waving sideway, thus manage the power outputting accurately.M-ASTC clear direction and intention of driver of automobile totally, let driver full of confidence on the way.

Pajero in quiet

  The PAJERO is energicthough being quiet.controlling it can be full of pleasant sensation. Let's wake PAJERO up, wake the impulse that you take risks up again.

Humanized driving environment

   With scientific human structure,
   To experiences humanized driving environment really.
   You feel soft and friendly in spacial room.


   Selectable four wheel drive ��SS4-II��
   LSD limit slippery differential device and difference lock
   With INVECS-II used in A/T automatic gear.
   The brake controlled

��Hang System: With strong motivity and traction power;screw spring and four-wheel hang.
��Independent Hang: With screw spring both in double forked hang and rear hang,enhance the stability naturely.
�� Pajero express your more inherent individual character,not put you into limited space.
�� Wonderful design: With an idea and large space for your storage.