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Historical groups:

Group Year Section Exta info
BSP (Bentley Sidwell Productions) 1988-1989 Games Disbanded
CiA -> CORP (The Corporation) -> SHOCK 1996-now Apps  
DoD (Drink Or Die) 1993-2001 Apps Members got raided
FiRM 1989-1994 Games Disbanded
iNC (Internationale Network of Crackers) 1989-1993 Games Disbanded
NEUA (National Elite Underground Alliance) -> FLT (Fairlight) 1989-2004 Games Members got raided
PwA (Pirates With Attitude) 1992-2000 Apps Members got raided
PE (Public Enemy) 1990-1993 Games Disbanded
TDT (The Dream Team) 1989-1996 Apps Disbanded
THG (The Humble Guys) 1989-1993 Games Disbanded
TRSI (Tristar & Red Sector Inc.) 1991-1995 Games Disbanded
USA (United Software Association) 1991-1992 Games Members got raided


Group Year
CORE (Challenge of Reverse Engineering) 1997-now
PC (Phrozen Crew) 1993-now
uCF (uNITED cRACKING fORCE) 1994-now
ViRiLiTY 2002-now
AGAiN 2003-now
AG (Another Group) 2004-now
DVT 2004-now
TNT (The Nova Team) 2000-now
ECHOS 2003-now
iMMERSiON 2001-now
iSO 1999-now
H2O 1998-2006
LND (Legends Never Die) 2000-now
PANTHEON 2000-now
Rise 2000-now
RBS (Rebels) 1992-2004
TBE (The Bitter End) 2002-now
TDA (The Devine Alcoholics) 2003-now
W3D (Warez3D) 2001-now
XiSO 2003-now
ZWTiSO (Zero Waiting Time ISO) 2005-now

Group Year Exta Info
ADDiCTiON 2005-now  
CLASS 1997-2004 Disbanded
CLONECD 2001-now  
DEViANCE 1999-now  
EMPORiO 2004-2005 Members got raided
FASiSO 2002-now  
FLT (Fairlight) 1987-2004 Members got raided
HOODLUM ????-2005 Members got raided
MiRROR 2005-2006 Scenebanned
MYTH 2000-2005 Disbanded
Razor1911 1985-now Members got raided, though still going
RELOADED 2004-now  
VENGEANCE 2005-2005 Members got raided

Console games:

Group Year Section
ECHELON 2000-now PS2
KALiSTO 1998-2005 PS2
ORGASM 2001-now PS2
STRiKE 2003-now PS2
CHRONiC 2002-now PS2
GENiUS 2000-now PS2
GAMEOVER 2003-now PS2
DAGGER 2004-now PS2/XBOX
PROTOCOL 2004-now PS2
WAR3X 2002-now PS2/GameCube/XBOX/PSP
RiOT 2002-now XBOX
SPARE 2005-now XBOX
USA 2002-now XBOX/GameCube/PS2
PI now XBOX360
CLEAR 2005-now XBOX/XBOX360
STINKYCUBE 2004-now GameCube
DARKFORCE 2001-now GameCube/PSP/XBOX/PS2
STARCUBE 2003-now GameCube
MOONCUBE 2003-now GameCube

Group Year Exta Info
1KING 2005-now  
aPC (aPOCALYPSE pRODUCTION cREW) 1997-2001 Members got raided
BPM (Beats Per Minute) 2000-now  
DDS now  
DJ (DeeJay) 2005-now  
DOH now  
FMC (Fresh Music Cartel) 2003-now  
SQ (Swiss Quality) 2001-now  
4CHOON 2003-2005 Disbanded
HSALiVE 2004-now  
MOD (Musical Over Dose) 1999-now  
MUSiQ 2004-now  
MTC 2000-now  
PoW 2000-now  
RNS (Rabid Neurosis) 1996-now  
SDS 2002-now  
uC (Underground Connection) 2004-now  
SQ (Swiss Quality) now  
QMI (Quality Music Import) 2003-now  
TCLUB (Technoclub) 2000-now  
XTC 2004-now  
XXL 2002-now  

Group Year Section Exta Info
ALLiANCE 1999-now XviD  
Centropy 2003-now VCD/SCVD/DVDR  
FLAiR ????-2005 VCD/SCVD  
PoT (Pirates of the Theatre) 2003-2005 VCD/SCVD  
VALiOMEDiA 2002-2005 XviD  
VideoCD 2003-now VCD/SCVD  
SCREAM (Sexy Cool Rightful Evil Angry Mobsters) 2003-now SVCD  
WastedTime 2004-2005 VCD/SCVD Members got raided
MEDiAMANiACS 2001-now XviD  
LiNE now XviD  
DONE 2001-now XviD  
DiAMOND 2003-now XviD  
PROMiSE 2003-now XviD  
VOMiT 2002-now XviD/DVDR  
FiCO 2002-now XviD  
iNCiTE 2002-now XviD/TVRip  
CFE 2003-now DiVX  
CHAKRA 2003-now SCVD  
HAFVCD 2001-now VCD/SCVD  
ViTE 2001-now XviD  

ATS 2004-now
ViRuS now
GM4F now
UMF 2003-now
FmE 2005-now


Group Year
SMuT 2001-2005
TESORO 2002-now
xDOMiNiONx 2001-????
DivXfacTory 2004-now
Pr0nStarS 2003-now


Group Year
ANiVCD 1999-2005
BAMHD (Bad Ass Mutha Hi Def) 2005-now
FoV (Future of Vision) 2002-now
LoKI 2004-now
LOL ????-now
MiNT 2004-now
MiRAGETV 2002-now
ORENJi 2005-now
SFM (Sci-Fi Maniacs) 2002-now
TCM 2005-now
XOR ????-now

DiFFERENT 2005-now
STELLA 2005-now
JUPiLER 2003-now

HDi 2005-now
OMERTA 2004-now
SOF 2005-now
TELEViSiON 2004-now
DGX 2003-now
C0NFUSED 2003-now
CiNEVCD 2001-now
DRABBiTS 2003-now


Group Year
REPLiCA 2002-now
SCREAM (Sexy Cool Rightful Evil Angry Mobsters) 2003-now
BURGER 2002-2006

Group Year
BAVARiA 2004-now
NLSGDVDr 2003-now
GOOGLE 2004-now
SuPReME 2004-now
Unique ????-now
AMSTEL 2003-2005
BaCo - DsM4U (Dutch Subbed Movies 4 U) 2004-now
ANARCHY ????-now
FoA (Forces Of Alliance) 2002-now
FTC (Fuck The Copyrights) 2004-now
BREiN 2004-2005
PaTHe 2004-now
BiERBUiKEN 2003-now
cNLDVDR 2004-now

Cinemaniacs 2004-now
OPiUM 2005-now
GDR 2005-now
GL now
iHATE now
UMF 2003-now

Courier Groups

AOD (Angels on Drugs)
RiSC (Rise in Superior Couriering)
SWAT (Special Warez Acquisition Team)
UPS (United Piracy Service)
STE (Super Trade Encounters)


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