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Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorants, Naturtint Reflex Semi Permanent Rinses, Herbatint Vegetal Semi-Permanent Colours, Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour For Men, Naturtint & Henna Plus Shampoos & Conditioners, & Jason Natural Hairspray


Naturtint Colours A range of gentle hair colorants and hair care products
with active vegetable ingredients. 

Naturtint hair color products are manufactured to the very highest international standards using ecofriendly, biodegradable packaging. They are also suitable for vegans and against animal testing.

Guidance Notes

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorants

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant with Vegetable Ingredients
The leading alternative hair colour in the UK health market and fastest growing colorant in Spain
24 colours can be mixed easily & economically to create an infinite range. 
No ammonia or resorcinol - dermatologically tested.
Covers 100% grey and can lighten up to 2 shades at a time.
Enriched with Soya, Corn, Coconut and Wheat Extracts.
Adds wonderful shine and vitality to the hair. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS
Quoted in THE MIRROR, FEMAIL (The Daily Mail), TOP SANTE & OK magazine and many more in home hair colorant features.

Click on Pictures Below For a Closer LookNaturtint Permanent Hair Colorant with Vegetable Ingredients
PriceClick to Buy
NEW! (First four colours below) Four new colours brought out in March 2005. The 'coding' of these new shades is slightly different to the rest of the range. The first number indicates how dark/light the shade is e.g. in the case of Fireland - the first number is a '6' so it is the same depth of colour as 6N (dark blonde) & 6G (dark golden blonde). The second number indicates the secondary colour used to produce the shade. The third number is a reference to the addition of a 'splash' of a third colour - which also helps to produce the unique shade.
1-6.66.jpg (63083 bytes) 

Illusion 6.66 Fireland– Sizzling red tones/a vibrant red.

£8.99Buy Now
1-7.7.jpg (61504 bytes)NEW!

Illusion 7.7 Tiede Brown – Exactly what it means…..Warm brown to give winter lacklustre hair that spring shine/a warm light brown

£8.99Buy Now
1-7.46.jpg (65292 bytes)NEW!

Illusion 7.46 Arizona Copper – A hot desert tone/a classic copper red.

£8.99Buy Now
1-9.31.jpg (58923 bytes)NEW!

Illusion 9.31 Sandy Blonde – Run your fingers through your hair and feel the sand in between your toes!/A soft light blonde.

£8.99Buy Now
1N_Ebony_Black.jpg (19534 bytes)1N - Ebony Black Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
NEW!2N - Brown/Black Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
3N_Dark_Chestnut_Brown.jpg (20322 bytes)3N - Dark Chestnut Brown Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
4G_Golden_Chestnut_Permanent_Intense.jpg (14906 bytes)4G - Golden Chestnut£8.99Buy Now
4I_Irridescent_Chestnut_Permanent_Intense.jpg (16029 bytes)4I - Iridescent Chestnut (quite purple)£8.99Buy Now
4M_Mahogany_Chestnut.jpg (21611 bytes)4M - Mahogany Chestnut Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
4N_Natural_Chestnut_Permanent_Intense.jpg (15646 bytes)4N - Natural Chestnut£8.99Buy Now
5C_Light_Copper_Chestnut_Intense.jpg (14957 bytes)5C - Light Copper Chestnut£8.99Buy Now
5G_Light_Golden_Chestnut.jpg (21403 bytes)5G - Light Golden Chestnut Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
5M_Light_Mahogany_Chestnut.jpg (25562 bytes)5M - Light Mahogany Chestnut Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
Light_Chestnut_Brown.jpg (20711 bytes)5N - Light Chestnut Brown Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
6G_Dark_Golden_Blonde.jpg (23838 bytes)6G - Dark Golden Blonde Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
6N_Dark_Blonde.jpg (21709 bytes)6N - Dark Blonde Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
7C_Terracotta_Blonde.jpg (19807 bytes)7C - Terracotta Blonde Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
7G_Golden_Blonde.jpg (17378 bytes)7G - Golden Blonde Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
7M_Mahogany_Blonde.jpg (24827 bytes)7M - Mahogany Blonde Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
7N_Hazelnut_Blonde.jpg (20668 bytes)7N - Hazelnut Blonde Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
8A_Ash_Blonde.jpg (17445 bytes)8A - Ash Blonde Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
8C_Copper_Blonde.jpg (18192 bytes)8C - Copper Blonde Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
8G_Sandy_Golden_Blonde.jpg (19806 bytes)8G - Sandy Golden Blonde Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
8N_Wheat_Germ_Blonde.jpg (18649 bytes)8N - Wheatgerm Blonde  Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
9N_Honey_Blonde.jpg (23425 bytes)9N - Honey Blonde Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
9R_Fire_Red.jpg (20326 bytes)9R - Fire Red Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
10A_Light_Ash_Blonde.jpg (18040 bytes)10A - Light Ash Blonde Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now
10N_Light_Dawn_Blonde.jpg (17861 bytes)10N - Light Dawn Blonde Permanent Hair Colour£8.99Buy Now

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Nature's Dream pride themselves on honest, open disclosure of information without any fancy hype or marketing pulls. Hair dyes are chemical - that is the long and short of it. Only pure henna presents a natural alternative for customers (and even henna contains naturally present toxins which may be harmful to the blood supply to kidneys and the stomach...). Naturtint is unique in being free of ammonia and resorcinol - this allows them to present customers with a less aggressive product that works in a quick, easy, modern way without sacrificing good results and grey coverage.
The 24 shades of Naturtint Permanent available contain the very lowest levels of PPD and, almost more importantly, they use the highest quality pharmacosmetic grade ingredients. Naturtint is also the only hair dye in the health trade produced to the very highest GMP standards of manufacture - these are the highest in the industry and guarantee complete customer security with full traceability and fulfilling all the latest EU regulations on ingredient listings, waste disposal and demands to use biodegradable, recyclable packaging. Naturtint also operates a strict against animal testing policy.

For more specific queries, Nature's Dream (the UK distributor) have an excellent Helpline service for consumers; please telephone Nature's Dream's helpline on 0845 601 8129 or email them at

Naturtint Guidance Notes For Application and Mixing Colours

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Naturtint Reflex Semi Permanent Rinses

Naturtint Reflex Non Permanent Hair Color Rinse, revamped, is back by popular demand! No Ammonia, no Resorcinol, no Peroxide, no p-Phenylenediamine (PPD). Covers mid range grey successfully and colour lasts up to one month. Contains fortifying, nutrient rich ingredients including Vitamin B5 and a special sun filter to protect and revitalise the hair. Naturtint Reflex will be ideal for the really skin sensitive and ingredient discerning users. Also containing a colour fixing shampoo and restructuring spray serum, ensuring optimum results. Naturtint Reflex acts as a specialist treatment to actually encourage hair growth and ensure smooth, healthy hair. Available in 10 fabulous shades!

The new colour rinse can be applied by yourself. You wash the hair but do not condition, towel dry, apply the lotion paying particular attention to the grey areas, leave on for the full recommended time (45 mins for hair with grey) rinse, wash with the enclosed colour lock shampoo, towel dry again and spray through the serum which is a leave in conditioner. Then style as normal.

The new Reflex can be used between permanent colours to 'refresh' but is only recommended for mid range grey so if you think you have  more grey then perhaps it would not be suitable on its own and you would still need to use the permanent.

Naturtint Reflex 1.0 Black £10.99Buy NowNaturtint Reflex ColoursNaturtint Reflex 3.0 Dark Chestnut Brown £10.99Buy Now
Naturtint Reflex 5.0 Light Chestnut Brown £10.99Buy Now Naturtint Reflex 5.62 Mahogany £10.99Buy Now
Naturtint Reflex 7.0 Hazelnut Blonde £10.99Buy NowNaturtint Reflex 7.3 Golden Blonde £10.99Buy Now
Naturtint Reflex 7.4 Copper Blonde £10.99Buy Now Naturtint Reflex 7.66 Red £10.99Buy Now
Naturtint Reflex 8.34 Golden Copper Blonde £10.99Buy NowNaturtint Reflex 9.0 Honey Blonde £10.99Buy Now

Herbatint Vegetal Semi-Permanent Colours

A range of true semi-permanent hair colours. These colours enhance the shine and clarity of your natural hair colour whilst greatly improving the condition of the hair. VEGETAL™ hair colour will not do more than mask any but the earliest few white hairs.

DescriptionPriceClick to Buy
Ash BlondeAsh Blonde£7.99Buy Now
Ash Chestnut Ash Chestnut£7.99Buy Now
BlackBlack£7.99Buy Now
BlondeBlonde£7.99Buy Now
ChestnutChestnut£7.99Buy Now
Copper Blonde Copper Blonde£7.99Buy Now
Copper ChestnutCopper Chestnut£7.99Buy Now
Golden BlondeGolden Blonde£7.99Buy Now
Golden Chestnut Golden Chestnut£7.99Buy Now
Henna RedHenna Red£7.99Buy Now
Honey BlondeHoney Blonde£7.99Buy Now
Mahogany Blonde Mahogany Blonde£7.99Buy Now
Mahogany ChestnutMahogany Chestnut£7.99Buy Now

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour For Men

Natural Men - Bringing a younger & healthier look to your hair

  • 1st Hair Colorant Gel for Men
  • FREE of Ammonia & Resorcinol (although it does contain the minimum amount of PPD necessary to make it permanent)
  • 100% Grey Cover
  • Quick & Easy to use
  • With Colour Revitalizing Shampoo Treatment
  • 6 Natural Colours.
  • Protects the colour with biotechnological micro-protein vegetable extracts
  • Enlivens & Enhances the colour with Anti-Reflex technology

Naturtint® Natural Men® is:

Quick - In 10-15 minutes, the colouring process is done and you can forget about your grey hair for 6 weeks.

Easy - Simply apply the mixture to your hair and gently massage it in.

Natural - A subtlety of colour to dye for! Bringing a younger and healthier look to your hair.

Mens 1.0 Brown1.0 BrownBuy Now
Mens 3.0 Dark Chestnut3.0 Dark ChestnutBuy Now
Mens 4.0 Chestnut4.0 ChestnutBuy Now
Mens 6.0 Light Chestnut6.0 Light ChestnutBuy Now
Mens 7.1 Dark Blonde7.1 Dark BlondeBuy Now
Mens 8.1 Blonde8.1 BlondeBuy Now


Naturtint & Henna Plus Shampoos & Conditioners

Matisse Hair ConditionerNaturtint300 ml£7.99 Buy Now
Matisse Restructuring Hair MaskNaturtint150 ml£5.59 Buy Now
Matisse Shampoo Dark TonesNaturtint300 ml£7.99 Buy Now
Matisse Shampoo Light TonesNaturtunt300 ml£7.99 Buy Now
Natural Conditioner for coloured hair 100% naturally sourced ingredients No colourants, PEG's, allergens, parabens, animal ingredients, DEA or EDTAHenna Plus200ml£3.99Buy Now
Hairspray, Natural Ingredients, Fresh Botanicals, Light Hold, Non-Aerosol, Alcohol Free, Bio-degradable, no animal products/testing, cruelty free, no synthetic preservatives, NO PARABENSJason, Pure, Natural & Organic237ml£5.50Buy Now

Henna Powder, Red (hair dye)

Our Own



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