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Woodworth Complex (WO)

woodworth complex

This complex has four women's halls housing approximately 600 students. It is the only all-women’s complex on campus. Woodworth includes sorority suites, fitness center, computer lab, and security system.

The name Woodworth, and the names of the four halls: Brady, Crosley, Rogers, and Wood are the maiden names of the wives of the five Ball brothers who donated the land for Ball State.


Woodworth Complex

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Year Completed
1956; most recent remodel in 1993
Frances Woodworth Ball, wife of George C. Ball; Elizabeth Brady Ball, wife of Frank C. Ball; Emma Wood Ball, wife of William C. Ball; Bertha Crosley Ball, wife of Edmund B. Ball; Sarah Rogers Ball, wife of Lucius C. Ball
Walter Scholer & Associates, Lafayette, Indiana