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Latests Updates:
Split my menu into three sections now. Let me know what you think about it. (1/20/07)
Multimedia- added desktop mate, Multi (1/20/07)
Site Poll- please take the new site poll based on my animated gifs! (1/20/07)
Animated gifs- now ordered from newest to oldest (1/19/07)
Fun and Games page added (1/19/07)
Misc- Added Fanlistings page (1/15/07)
Site Poll (1/13/07)
Link In- More new link buttons (1/11/07)
Reviews- Added two new anime reviews: .hack//SIGN and Wolf's Rain (1/10/07)
Humor- Revived my crazy anime comics (1/10/07)

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This layout features my favorite character from the Kingdom Hearts series, Riku. It took a very long time for me to get the color scheme together and a layout plan as well as the banner, so I hope you like the results. I went back to a tables layout mixed with div layers, since it seems to be simpler to manage and hopefully quicker to load. If you've noticed, I made my bullet-list icons paopu fruit shaped, since I thought it was a neat idea that would go with the main image of the layout. The hard to read words in the background of the banner are supposed to be lines/quotes from Riku to Sora, which hints his close friendship with Sora ^_^.

Credits to Hybrid Genesis for the new brushes used, and Towairaito Graphics for the image editing tutorials, and Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix for creating such a cool character ^_^.


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