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Developed by: Dana Robnett,
4th grade teacher,

Community R-VI Elementary School


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As a meteorologist of an evening news show, you and your co-workers need to write a script for tonight’s broadcast. Before your team can start, you will need to research for important weather information and local activities in your city.

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Your meteorologist team will write a script for the evening news. The script should include these components:
1) introduction
2) a review of current weather conditions
3) a forecast for the rest of the week
4) refer to local activities that the upcoming weather will affect
5) advice about preparing for the weather Each member of your team should be responsible for one of the components.
6) your team also needs to create a poster for the highs/lows and possible precipitation for the rest of the week. Your team will be presenting your broadcast in class.

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The introduction should get the viewers attention. You may want to use a joke or anecdote. In the introduction, you may want to report on what’s happening with the weather at that time. You need include a trivia question or report on a weather record from the past.
Weather Trivia Contests Wild Weather

The review of current weather conditions in the country and your city needs to include:
  report on the current temperatures in the country
  report on highs and lows of that day
  report on any precipitation or chance of stormsreport on any precipitation or chance of storms
The Weather Channel USA Today Wild Weather
Community R-VI (Click on Search, then Yahoo)

The forecast for the rest of the week needs to include:
  highs and lows of each day
  expected precipitation
The Weather Channel USA Today
Community R-VI (Click on Search, then Yahoo)

The upcoming weather may affect many local activities in your city. You will need to report on the local activity and mention how it may affect the event.
What's Going On
Community R-VI (Click on “links” for a news show with current events in our area

Your advice on preparing for the weather can be very important to your viewers. You need to report on what the viewers can do to prepare for the upcoming weather. You can mention the local activities that were reported on earlier, and report to the viewers weather preparations they can make for their event.
Severe Storm Information Tips (Click on Safety Tips)
Storm Ready

Your poster needs to show the highs/lows and possible precipitation for the rest of the week. Your team will also be presenting your broadcast to the class. Each team member needs to participate.

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What’s Going On?
(Here you can find events going on in the country)
Weather forecasts
Community R-VI
(click “links” for news show and “research” for yahoo. In yahoo, search “weather” and click on the first site: weather.yahoo.com)
Severe Weather Safety Guide www.nwsnorman.noaa.gov/severewx/safety.html
Wild Weather
(updates on severe weather and news stories)

USA Today

The Weather Channel

Gary England’s Weather Trivia Contest

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Evaluation Sheet for Student Project
Your team’s broadcast script and presentation will be worth 250 points.
Points Possible
Your Score


current weather
Review current conditions    
current temperatures
highs and lows
chance of precipitation
Forecast for the rest of week:    
highs and lows


expected precipitation
Local activities    
local activities
how weather affects activities
Preparation advice:    
weather advice for activities
points reminders on what to do in case of emergency
Poster and Presentation:

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After presenting your broadcast to your class and listening to your peers’ broadcasts, what did you learn about weather? Would you like to be a meteorologist some day? Explain why or why not.

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