Operation: Aryan Angel – 1944

Van Braun

Warner Van Braun and the Saturn V Rocket

As the Russians closed in on Berlin, a select group of scientists made a plea to the C.S.A. Nazi scientists made many advancements in rocketry, ballistics, aerodynamics, artillery, small arms, and medicine. However, during the invasion of Russia, the Nazi’s were unkind to both POWs and citizens. As Russia began the march across Europe, they returned the favor in kind.

Many of the scientists could see that Germany would lose the war, and they knew that Stalin had no reservations to execute the enemy, even one whose talents could be put to use. Indeed, Stalin had killed or sent to Siberia many of his own brilliant citizens to stifle their political thought, or to make an example of them.

Headed by Warner Van Braun, brilliant head of the German rocket development team, the scientists discretely contacted the C.S.A. to seek asylum after the war. Seeing the opportunity to not only gain the knowledge they possessed, but also to help out Aryan Christian brothers and save them from the Godless Communists, the C.S.A. made plans to rescue the scientists from Stalin’s death squads.

After signing an oath of loyalty, 244 of Germany’s top minds were smuggled out of Germany through Switzerland and other countries during the chaotic days leading up to the wars end.

As a footnote, many of the scientists went on to contribute greatly to the C.S.A. Case in point, Van Braun went on to head the Confederate Aeronautical and Space Association and was instrumental in the design of the Saturn V rocket that took our astronauts to the moon.

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