Commercial Games

     Commercial games for the GP2X are scarce, to say the least. While they were always a part of GPH's vision for the GP2X, this console was never expected to compete with the DS or PSP in terms of commercial games. But that doesn't mean you should write off the ones GP2X does have; in fact, these games are just as good as much of what you'd find on the major consoles.

     Like the GP32 before it, GP2X's commercial offerings are available in two ways--boxed or download. The boxed versions tend to be a bit more expensive but include a case, nice instruction manual, and the game on an SD card. Downloaded versions are just the game, but can be loaded onto a SD card you already own (and will only function on the GP2X it was purchased for).

     This section will provide you with information about these games as well as providing links to more information and places to purchase these gems.

Release: Unknown
Developer: Ent²
Genre: Shooter

Odonata is a high quality shooter from Ent².

A demo of Odonata is now available below.

Demo: Here

Release: Unknown 2006
Developer: Apex Designs
Genre: Action

Payback from Apex Designs is a classic GTA clone originally released on the Amiga. The GP2X version sports a full 3D engine with a slew of graphical niceties, like headlights and explosion. If the rolling demo is any indication, you can also expect an impressive soundtrack in the game.

Payback is currently set for a 2006 release. Until then, check out the (non-playable) rolling demo to see what to expect.

Website: Here
Demo: Here

Release: August 2006
Developer: DZZ Games
Genre: Shooter

The GP2X's first commercial game, Vektar is an old-school shooter meets next gen graphics from DZZ Games. Originally released as a superb piece of freeware, the game has been expanded with more levels, bosses, and secret levels. Vektar also features a high quality licensed soundtrack.

Vektar is available now. Play the freeware, try the demo, and decide if this game's for you. If you like it, head over to Links and pick it up from one of the distributors.

Freeware: Here
Demo: Here
Review: Here, Here