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Column - Media Watch

DAWES: What's Up with Coverage of KC's QB – Part II?

Jan 03, 2007, 12:59:40 PM by Rufus Dawes - FAQ

Second in a series examining media coverage of quarterback Trent Green’s career in Kansas City.

Part I


“From a physical standpoint, I’m as healthy as I’ve been. I’ve been able to put on 10 pounds and now weigh 217. A lot of the weight I gained was in my legs, and you use your legs for throwing. Last year at this time we didn’t know who our starting wide receivers were going to be with all the injuries we had.“
Trent Green, Associated Press, August 16, 2002

“Some people would say you’ve put your credibility on the line for Trent Green.“
Media Question, “Dick Vermeil Press Conference,”, September 24, 2002

“I’ve said throughout my whole career: you can’t go every Sunday reevaluating your quarterback. Writers are no different than coaches. They’re going to make themselves right.“
Dick Vermeil, “Dick Vermeil Press Conference, ”, September 24, 2002

“Has there ever been a time in your career where you’ve stepped back and decided maybe you’ve given a guy too much of a chance without a reward?“
Question to Dick Vermeil, “Dick Vermeil Press Conference,”, September 24, 2002

“Trent’s the leader of this football team. He’s a great leader. What he did (vs.Buffalo) didn’t amaze us. It just solidifies what this guy is.“
Brian Waters, Kansas City Star, October 25, 2002

“He’s the leader of this team because he has the biggest heart. He’s come back from knee injuries, he’s come back from down seasons, he’s been in and out with several different teams. Nothing he does surprises me.“
Johnnie Morton, Topeka Capital-Journal, November 18, 2002

“Trent Green will never be your classic game-breaking quarterback“
Jason Whitlock, Kansas City Star, November 18, 2002

“His support has gone up and down like a presidential approval rating.“
Ivan Carter, Kansas City Star, November 18, 2002

Summation: The much-maligned Green served to present the image of the true professional as he enjoyed one of the most productive seasons of his career and was deserving of kudos. As was the case in his first season in Kansas City, his teammates identified him as their leader and were not bashful of saying so. Even the media, who had been so critical of Green going into the season, took notice and paid him compliments, although in many cases they were back-handed ones. “What we’re learning about Green this season is that there may not be a more competitive quarterback in the league. Men will go into battle for a guy like that,” one member of the media wrote.

Part III tomorrow

The opinions offered in this column do not necessarily reflect those of the Kansas City Chiefs.

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