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Gems and carnage in Sierra Leone

GNN’s first news video, THE DIAMOND LIFE, puts the spotlight on the brutal atrocities committed by the Sierra Leone rebel forces (Revolutionary United Front) and the international diamond cartels, who have been willing to pay almost any price to maintain the artificial value of their gems.

Produced in association with Witness and cut to the haunting music of Peter Gabriel, THE DIAMOND LIFE features interviews with UN officials, top political commentators and Sierra Leone television journalist-in-exile Aroun Rashid Deen.


Guerrilla News Network
Director : Stephen Marshall and Josh Shore
Producer: Stephen Marshall and Josh Shore

Posted by silverback
Co-founder of GNN. Music video and feature film director. Co-author of "True Lies." Director/shooter of "BattleGround." Arrested at the RNC shooting first narrative feature "This Revolution." Finishing "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing" which will be published by Disinfo in winter 06-07.


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