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Pure Plushy – Soft, Fresh & Cuddly TM
Silver Nanotechnology Infused Memory Foam

According to the Center for Disease Control, children have the highest incidence of the flu. Preschool and school aged children have flu rates between 15-45% depending on the season. Plush Toys have unfortunately played a role in spreading, germs, bacteria, and microbes to all persons in contact with the toy.

Introducing Pure Plushy’s new line of Anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-mold and anti-microbe Plush Toy!

Our Secret…..

Pure Silver + Memory Foam = Pure Plushy

Memory Foam

In 1970 N.A.S.A. developed a material called Memory Foam. The Foam was remarkable in form and factor as it would respond to a body’s shape, weight and warmth. It became an excellent material for releasing pressure points particularly during sleep.

In the past two decades, this foam has become the fasting growing technology in the mattress and pillow top industry. Among others Tempur-Pedic TM has had rapid success in using this technology to change the way people sleep and release pressure points. Millions of Adults worldwide have experienced the medical benefits of Memory Foam and we here at Pure Plushy are the very first to bring it to Children!


Scientific Research has proven that Silver is a natural Anti-Mite, Anti-Mold and Anti-Microbe agent. Recent advances in Nanotechnology have demonstrated exciting new ways in which to put tiny microscopic particles of silver inside substances such as Memory Foam. Nanotechnology is the process of infusing nanoparticles (about 25 nanometers thick) which is about one 200 thousandths of a human hair into a substance. Using this safe, medically proven technology in Memory Foam, Pure Plushy can bring Soft, Fresh & Cuddly to Kids everywhere!

Applications for Pure Plushy
Day Care / Nurseries

Day-care centers have become a way of life in America. More than half of all mothers hold jobs outside the home. For them--indeed for millions of American families--day-care centers provide a service that is a necessity. Unfortunately, though, it often provides something else--a focal point for certain kinds of infectious diseases that can all to easily spread not only to others in the day-care center, but far and wide into the community. The average head of household or spouse lost 13 workdays in 2004 because of illness in his or her day-care-center child.

At Home
If given a choice, wouldn’t you replace your child’s toy with one that is Ant-ibacterial? One that fights against harmful mites, molds and microbes? Our product has already caused a sensation among Allergy community. Our patented technology will provide parents and caregivers everywhere with confidence when giving a child a new Plush Toy!

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