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Updated August 16, 2006

These links will take you to some images that are available as photo prints. First of all, these images are heavily compressed for web viewing. The original photos were either shot on 35mm slide film and then scanned or else shot digitally, and nearly all of these files are very high resolution (16 to 100 MB each). Take your pick, note the index number part of the image title, and then decide Large (11x14 inch print, mounted and matted onto 16x20 inches) or Medium (8x10 inch print, mounted and matted onto 11x14 inches). When you receive it, it is ready for your standard size frame. Contact the photographer directly (see bottom of this page):     Send E-Mail to Bob

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Birds or Mammals? What's next?

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1999 Labor Day "Death March" in Sequoia and Kings Canyon

Mount Conness

You won't find many flat hikes across Death Valley here. "I ain't no flatlander!"

Old Trip Reports:
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1996 Aconcagua Trip

1997 Nepal Trekking Report

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Total Solar Eclipse
Snow Shelters -- Sierra Nevada Style
Bear Lore
Ultralight Backpacking

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