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Morrocco Method hair care

Morrocco Method Henna

The only truly natural way to color your hair and condition it at the same time.

Made from the leaves, roots and stems of the lawsonia plant, henna works its magic without damaging, without drying, and without chemically altering the structure of the hair. Its appeal is widespread especially among those with chemical sensitivities and the environmentally conscious.

We invite you to learn more about henna, see our natural ingredients, and view a color chart below.

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Our Simply Pure Ingredients

A Note about Our Henna: Currently, our entire line of Henna products are made entirely from Lawsonia inermis with the exception of Black Henna. Many botanical directories and those involved with scientific accumulation recognize the inermis species also as Lawsonia alba.

Our black henna consists of the following ingredients:

Henna leaf (Lawsonia inermis )

Henna bark (Lawsonia inermis )

indigo leaf and stalk

Indigo is a natural shrub in the legume family that thrives in dry and almost poor conditions. To date, most of it is commercially grown in India but China and southeast Asian countries are growing it with great success.

Animal cruelty free.

All Morrocco Method 5 Elements products are gluten free.

Lawsonia inermis

Please see our Educational Articles: 100% Natural Plant Henna vs. Hair Color to Dye For — and Hair Dye Can Cause Cancer: The Fear Factor .

The only truly natural way to color your hair and condition it at the same time. Morrocco Method Henna is the powdered leaves of the desert shrub, Lawsonia.

The Only Truly Natural Way

Click the Chart of Henna Colors tab for suggested henna shades for your hair color.

Henna contains hannatannic acid which, when mixed with hot water, coats the hair, sealing in the natural oils and tightening the cuticle, giving your hair a rich, healthy shine.

Morrocco Method Henna has no lightening action. Use it to add color, create highlights, cover gray or become the redhead or strawberry blonde you've dreamed about being! Use 2 or more colors to create subtle, multi-hued highlights. It lasts up to 3 months. Our henna is 100% natural — simple, pure, and organic.

Made from the leaves, roots and stems of thelawsonia plant, henna works its magic without damaging, without drying, and without chemically altering the structure of the hair. Its appeal is widespread especially among those with chemical sensitivities and the environmentally conscious.

How do we obtain 12 shades of Henna?

A popular misconception is that henna means bright red. Actually, Morrocco Method 100% Natural Henna consists of three basic shades: red, black, and colorless (neutral). It is the combination of these three shades that creates the dazzling array of truly 100% natural Morrocco Method Henna — twelve color enhancers from three shades!

High Quality Hair Conditioner

Morrocco Method Henna can be used as often and frequently as desired. Henna can also be applied to recently dyed or bleached hair as often as you want. Morrocco Method Henna is a high quality hair conditioner!

Each shade will look slightly different on each individual; Morrocco Method Henna works subtly, bringing out the best in one's natural hair color. Of course, for the adventurous, each color can be mixed with others to create new shades. Individual experimentation is encouraged!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Henna

1. Make sure you have all of your materials including: henna, a nonmetallic (glass or wooden) mixing bowl, a wooden spoon, rubber gloves, plastic wrap and tea water.

2. Tea water instructions: Take 1 bag of black tea for black to dark hair; green tea for medium brown to light or blonde hair. Boil in 1 to 3 cups of water. Simmer 15 minutes, squeeze in 1/2 fresh lemon (juice only).

Also add a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt® for longer lasting holding power.

Put henna in a glass or wooden bowl. Add tea water gradually, stirring until the mixture reaches the consistency of thick cream.

Proper mixing is very important.

3. Cut a piece of plastic wrap the length of your arm and put aside for after application.

A small amount goes far

4. For fine, short hair, use 4 tablespoons of Morrocco Henna; For fine shoulder length hair, use 6 tablespoons; For thick, shoulder length hair, use 8 tablespoons; For very long or very thick hair, use from 10 to 12 tablespoons.

5. After putting on gloves, apply mixture to dry, freshly shampooed hair. Always work over a sink or in a bath/shower. Start application at the crown of the head. Work henna into hair. After henna has been applied to each section, keep hair close to the head to avoid any mess. Then massage henna into the hair, working from the nape of the neck to the crown.

6. Wrap hair with plastic wrap to seal in natural body heat for approximately 60 to 120 minutes depending on darkness of color desired.

7. Unwrap head; rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove henna from hair. The difference will become more noticeable after hair is dry. Hair will be brighter, shinier, and more Luxurious. For maximum color and sheen, do not shampoo for at least 24 hours (the henna will continue coating the shaft until then). Color will begin to fade in 6 to 12 weeks. To encourage more Henna buildup, reapply in 4-6 weeks. More henna applications will only make hair stronger and more vibrant.

Although much less high-maintenance than chemical processes, hair must be properly prepared to receive the benefits of henna. The following guidelines will help to ensure results:

Make sure hair is dry. Morrocco Method Henna is most effective when applied to dry hair. Timing is key. The longer you leave henna on hair, the more intense and dramatic the final shades will be. The shorter, the lighter and more subtle the result will be.

Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy will not fade color!

Applying Morrocco Method Henna to Dark Brown and Black Hair

1. If your hair is 30% gray or more, you will need to use a 2-Step application.

Step 1 (filler): add black to the red about a 2:5 ratio of red to 3:5 black. This gives a Darker richer red to the root coloring, which helps to hold your color better. 60 to 90 minutes!

Step 2 (color): When mixing your color for the second step, go one shade darker than your natural color. Use a mixture of your natural color with a darker shade- using more lighter than darker leave on for 60 to 90 minutes before rinsing. Do this 2-step process for three consecutive months to create a rich, deep color. As the color fades, it stays more on the rich mahogany side rather than a orange/red!

Applying to Light Brown or Medium Brown Hair That Is 30% or More Gray

The 2-step application is equally successful.

Step 1 (filler): Add the next shade darker to your Brown to the red (a 2:5 ratio of red: 3:5 ratio to brown). 60 to 90 minutes.

Step 2 (color): mix your color one shade darker than your natural color. leave on for 60-90 minutes before rinsing.

If you just want to re-touch the roots or the front hairline, use red henna for 60 minutes. Rinse with warm water, then, apply the color over the red, leaving it in for 75 minutes. This will hold the new color longer, greater strength.

Applying Henna to Blonde Hair

For fair hair, including 30% gray or more, use a single-step application of your chosen color. Leave in for 75-90 minutes.

Color safe for treated or processed hair!

Use henna as a post treatment to chemical highlights. To warm up and soften chemically derived highlights, as well as impart a beautiful sheen, use henna in your blonde tone and saturate the hair. Leave on for 60 - 90 minutes.

Rinsing Out Henna

Henna is most easily removed in the bath. Add a few drops of Euro Organic Oil to the warm water to detangle the hair, submerge your head in the bathwater and gently massage the henna out. This can also be accomplished using a sink full of water. Third choice is the shower, which takes a little longer to remove the henna particles.

Chart of Normal Henna Action on Shades of Hair

The chart below shows how the use of various henna shades may affect your natural hair color. Actual results may vary depending on your particular hair makeup and how the henna was prepared and applied.

Your Natural Hair Color
Black Dark
Red Dark
Black Deep black Deep black Black
Red Red highlight Dark auburn Auburn Red Flame red Flame red
Sherry Slight red highlight Sherry red Medium auburn Light auburn Bright red Bright red
Mahogany Mahogany highlight Dark auburn Medium auburn Auburn Bright red Red
Burgundy Slight highlight Burgundy Dark auburn Medium auburn Red chestnut Red
Dark Brown Warm shine Highlight shine Deep brown
Medium Brown Warm shine Highlight shine Warm medium brown Red brown chestnut Red brown chestnut Chestnut  
Light Brown Highlight shine Light brown Shine Warm brown Warm light brown
Copper Highlight shine Red copper Red gold highlight Dark copper Warm copper
Strawberry Blonde Highlight shine & condition Strawberry highlight & condition Red highlight shine Strawberry blonde Warm strawberry blonde
Marigold Blonde Gold highlights Lighter gold brown Golden red Brighter gold blonde Medium golden blonde
Neutral Shines and conditions. Your natural hair color seems brighter because hair has more shine.

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