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Solomon Islands

Area: 29,785 sq km. Population: 380,000. Capital: Honiara. Languages: English, Pidgin.
Products: Copra, palm oil, tuna, timber, cocoa, gold.

The Solomon Islands are divided into nine provinces as follows:


Area: 5,336 sq km. Population: 88,000. Highest Point: 2,447 m. National Capital: Honiara.


Area: 1,000 sq km. Population: 6,000. Highest Point: 510 m. Provincial Capital: Tulagi.


Area: 5,279 sq km. Population: 46,000. Highest Point: 1661 m. Provincial Capital: Gizo.


Area: 4,014 sq km. Population: 15,000. Highest Point: 1,392 m. Provincial Capital: Buala.


Area: 4,234 sq km. Population: 82,000. Highest Point: 1,303 m. Provincial Capital: Auki.


Area: 3,188 sq km. Population: 23,000. Highest Point: 1,250 m. Provincial Capital: Kirakira.


Area: 926 sq km. Population: 16,000. Highest Point: 923 m. Provincial Capital: Lata.


Area: 3,294 sq km. Population: 12,000. Highest Point: 1,060 m. Provincial Capital: Taro.

Rennell & Bellona

Area: 276 sq km. Population: 4,500. Highest Point: 220 m. Provincial Capital: Tingoa.


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