What an ass
By Brett Hoffman
October 10, 2006

 “I have a bad back from carrying this company for 23 years.”

The SmackDown and ECW locker rooms were abuzz on Tuesday afternoon after a bizarre incident occurred in the training room of the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

Longtime SmackDown announcer Tony Chimel was spotted around 5 p.m. on a training table receiving stem unit treatment on his buttocks for what he claimed was a “bad back”. Within minutes, WWE.com was on the scene to get comment from the aching announcer.

“I’m getting my muscles relaxed,” said a comfortable Chimel. “I have a bad back from carrying this company for the last 23 years. Most people know me as the star TV ring announcer of SmackDown, but they don’t know my real job in this company. For the last 23 years, my real job has been setting up the ring and doing crew work, and after doing it for so long, the injuries have piled up. I may have a herniated disk. I’m going to need to get it checked out.”

Minutes later, ECW’s Hardcore Holly arrived on the scene. As fans know, Holly received a serious injury two weeks ago on ECW on Sci Fi when he was crashed through a table during his match with Rob Van Dam. Holly received a laceration on his back which required 24 stitches to close. Upon seeing Chimel, Holly was incensed and chased the ailing announcer from the room.

WWE.com immediately approached Holly for comment.

“I saw this big old fat tub of s*** laying their like a beached whale,” said the irritated Extremist. “He’s supposedly getting treatment on his back, which is completely unwarranted because he doesn’t do anything. He says he’s been setting up the ring for the last 20 years, but that’s not true. He has puppets who set up the ring for him. He has no business being in the training room because he’s never been in the ring in his life. There are other people who are more deserving of treatment.”

Holly paused for a few moments to catch his breath, but seconds later, he resumed his tirade.

“All he is, is a fat ring announcer,” proclaimed Holly. “That’s all he does. He doesn’t break a sweat. He’s just a fat tub of s***. He has no business being in the training room or the locker room. He belongs in the women’s locker room because he’s nothing but a bitch. Period.”

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