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pictures 01-10
three tubas in private, some drawings, play that funky music, a BBb tuba, Besson Eb 982, Besson Eb 983, B&S BBb tuba and others.

pictures 11-20
B&S F Tuba 3099/2, V.F.Cerveny mod.Arion 1660-4, V.F.Cerveny Bb Tuba 168-4, BBBb played by Gerald Hoffnung, Holton USA CC Tuba Model BB 330 Harvey Philips, Arnold Jacobs, Kalison F Tuba model 2000, Kalison F Tuba model Daryl Smith, Dr. Frederick J. Young's Tuba  and others.

pictures 21-30
Kalison Bb Tuba Model Daryl Smith, Kalison Bb Tuba model Daryl Smith front action, Melton F Tuba model 45, BBBb played by Sam Pilafian, Stowasser Bb Tuba and others.

pictures 31-40
Tuba in love, Several

pictures 41-50
Weril Bb Tuba, Wagner Es Tuba, A new Yamaha is born and others.

pictures 51-60
One, two, three......fire, Melton 2141 4 piston+rotary valve EEb tuba, Melton 2155 5/4 model Warren Deck CC tuba 4 piston+rotary valve, Melton 46s 6/4 F tuba 6 rotary valves, Melton 25 BBb 4/4 tuba 4 rotary valves, Melton F Cimbasso 5 rotary valves, 57 B&S Perantucci BBb 4/4 tuba 4 rotary valves, B&S Perantucci 4196 PT-4P CC tuba 4 valves + 1 rotary valves, B&S Perantucci 3198  PT-6P CC tuba 5/4 4 valves + 1 rotary valves, John Philips New York 1940, Amsterdam 1988.

pictures 61-70
Finally they all want to play the Tuba, my old 4 cyl.valve 5/4 Melton, Getzen G50, Yamaha BBb tuba model 621, Yamaha BBb tuba model 631s,Yamaha BBb tuba model 641, Yamaha CC tuba model 621, Yamaha CC tuba model 822, Yamaha CC tuba model 861,   Yamaha Eb tuba  model 632s.

pictures 71-80
Yamaha F tuba model 822,  Yamaha F tuba model 621, Yamaha F tuba model 822, Yamaha F tuba model 621, Star Wars and tuba's, Arnold Jacobs, August Helleberg, Besson 788 3/4 BBb tuba, Besson 993.

pictures 81-90
Besson 983 Eb tuba sovereign,  Besson 981 Eb tuba sovereign, Hirsbrunner HBS 290 1978 CCc tuba, Hirsbrunner HSB 192 5 valve BBb, an early start, mr. C.G.Conn, heavy metal..., 197 Meinl Weston Walter Hilgers, tuba mail.

pics 91-100
Bass 300, Cerveny Kaiser BBb, F-tuba, Meinl-Weston BBb Tuba model-25, Stephan Mohler, St Peter201, boy plays tuba, Tuba's from hell,Gerhard Meinl's Tuba sextet

pics 101-110
Warren Deck 2165 CC, Weltklang, Holton, Hirsbrunner 390, York, Hirsbrunner 2 P, Piggy, Cerveny Kaisertuba Mod 171-4, Arnold Jacobs and various

pics 111-120
Sousaphones and sousaphones..., Logo USA Army Band, Ophecleide, YBB 105, YBB 105M

pics 121-130
YBB 201M, YBB 321, YBB 621, YBB 631S, YBB641, YBH 301S, YBH 621S, YCB 621, YCB 822, YCB 861

pics 131-140
YEP 201, YEP 201M, YEP 211, YEP 321, YEP 641, YFB 621, YFB 822, YSH 301, YSH 411, Tuba Christmas,Tuba boy

pics 141-150
Ian McKellar (Australia), Gary Kiser, map Tuba City, very old Cerveny, Original Pepper Sousaphone, various pics.

pics 151-160
various pics.

pics 161-170
various pics, Joe Thomas as "Charlie,  picture gallery of the Portsmouth City Band, double-bell euphonium pictures gallery, Kalison CC Daryl Smith, Martin tuba, double-bell euphonium

pics 171-180
several double-bell euphoniums

pics 181-190
Tuba beer, Concert with Harvard sub contra Tuba, Bill Long in Paraka Indonesia, David Clement Horton, logo 'de Flanellen'

pics 191-200

pics 201-210

pics 211-220

pics 221-230

pics 231-240

pics 241-250
Various, how to ship a tuba, burnman.

pics 251-260
Tubachicky, various.

pics 261-270

pics 271-280

pics 281-290

pics 291-300

pics 301-310

pics 311-320
Alexander BBb, 621 Amati-BBb, B&S-3197; CC 5v-piston(PT-3P), Bach-BBb, various.

pics 321-330
Barton-oval, BBb Manchester tuba works, Bellfront-Besson, Besson CC 3up 1down, Beusher-BBb, BN794 Besson 3up 1down, C92J_L-Conn-F-5v, various.

pics 331-340
Conn4v BBb, thanks to Luc Bernard LEFEBVRE, de Jongens Driest, Columbo plays the tuba, Frannz Krulik, Gronitz F piston 5v pf1254, various.

pics 341-350
Hirsbrunner hbs394 CC, Hirsbrunner Hbs 378, Hirsbrunner Hbs 479, Helicon Wien Laxenburgerstrasse, Hirsbrunner Hbs 193, Hirsbrunner Hbs 392 5v CC piston, Hirsbrunner Hbs 192, Hirsbrunner Hbs 290, various.

pics 351-360
Hirsbrunner Hbs 293 CC, Holton york CC, King18 CC conversion, King 1240 BBb, King 2341, King recording bell, Lefty Doug Hubbard, Martin 3up 1dn EEb, Meinl Weston 32, various.

pics 361-370
Meinl Weston 2000, Meinl Weston 2155, Meinl Weston 2165, Mirafone CC 5v Rotor tu23, Nirschl Boem and meinl CC 4v piston, Old Besson, various.

pics 371-380
Sub contra in concert, Thein C-Bb rotary tuba, Tu 331 Holton BBb, Thein C-Bb piston tuba, various.

pics 381-390
Willson Eb compensating, Yamaha 821, NYC tubas, York Master Eb, Ziess F, Charlie Brighton's site has a lot of old instruments, with about a dozen photos of double-belled euphoniums, various.

pics 391-400

pics 401-410

pics 411-420

Lots of strange pictures of old instruments



The pictures on this site are NOT all originally mine. The pictures are readily available for download at various sites on the net. Since there was no copyright on ANY of the pictures which are featured here, I took the liberty of posting them. The editing, such as the adding of words or a tuba in some cases was done by me. I did NOT make any money off these pictures. These were made for my personal enjoyment alone. If the picture is yours and you want your pictures may NOT be posted, simply contact me by clicking the mail icon and they will be removed. PLEASE do NOT sue me! These pictures are being posted due to the popularity that they have on the internet. I hope everyone who has visted this site goes away with a smile. :)

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