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What is Abuse?

Abuse is a side-scrolling action game with a unique control system. You move the player with
the arrow keys, while you aim his gun with the mouse. In the original shareware version, released
in 1995, there were four levels, and a highly flexible level editor. The registered version, available
for DOS, came with IPX support and lots of new items and fun stuff. Abuse was programmed by
Jonathan Clark and start-up developer Crack Dot Com. The retail version was published by Origin
and Electronic Arts, and can be found today in a number of action-game compilations.

What is fRaBs?

fRaBs is just a silly acronym for 'Free Abuse'. It has the network support of the registered version,
but also comes equipped with many new single player and deathmatch levels, as well as additional
enemies and artwork, all coming from outside, free sources. A list of updates and modifications can
be found in the updates section. As far as I know, there is no material in this archive that is not
public domain. I sure hope that the acronym is justified. :-)

Download fRaBs!

fRaBs 2.1 is the current version of fRaBs, as of the time of this documentation. There's lots of new
levels and code, so make sure you replace any older versions. Download - 5.40MB

Also check out the new Linux version of fRaBs 2.1, courtesy of Nuno Teixeira. It requires a copy
of Trandor's Linux-SDL version of Abuse. I believe this version should work for any SDL-equipped Unix.

If you have already downloaded version 2.0, there is a patch available that will update your version
of fRaBs to version 2.1. Unzip the patch to the fRaBs root directory and it should overwrite all of
the necessary files. In the future these patches will be smaller, as I will keep better track of what I
do to the HTML documentation. Download - 813KB

Play fRaBs online now!

For the first time in five years, there is an Abuse port with fairly solid TCP/IP support for multiplayer
deathmatch games over the Internet. First, you need to get the Abuse32 port for Windows, as per
the directions on Jeremy Scott's website. Then, connect to a fRaBs server listed below, and play
away! The more bandwidth you have, the better... modems probably won't cut it, however... unless
you are within decent proximity of Moscow, Idaho, USA.

Select the Internet TCP/IP option from the multiplayer menu, and where it says 'Host IP' put the
following IP address.

UPDATE 11/01/02:

My net connection has changed, so I may be able to set up a multiplayer server soon... stay tuned!

If there are any questions that aren't addressed in the documentation, feel free to drop me a line.

Justin Cassidy