The Heal Breast Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to clarify about the many breast cancer myths, to raise public awareness and the funds necessary to research the cause and healing mechanism of cancer based on a biopsychosocial model of integrative medicine.

PREVENT TO CURE: We believe that the key to preventing and curing cancer lies in a biopsychosocial and holistic understanding of the body, mind, spirit and environment connection. By transforming fear of breast cancer into the understanding that all symptoms are intelligent, bio-logical meanigful reactions, we are putting our heart and soul in providing fearless comprehensive options for woman and men diagnosed with breast cancer.

Because of its meta-disciplinary ("big picture") and systemic approach, will our research findings translate and apply to all other health issues and dramatically advance and improve all fields of medicine, health specialists and healing modalities. While confirming the organ-mind-brain connection through our research studies, we will help shift the focus in healthcare to holistic prevention, pre-tumor detection and biopsychosocial intervention.

For a fast advancement in integrative medicine, we are supporting like-minded researchers, physicians, entrepreneurs and institutions through win-win partnerships and through a platform of communication between all fields of medicine.

Our passionate team of META-Medicine and Integrative Medicine health experts, researchers and supporters believes we can do better.

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