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Abuse for Windows/DirectX

Abuse for Windows (Full version) can be downloaded here: Abuse

The stand-alone executable can be downloaded here: EXE Only

Get the new REQUIRED preload.lsp and place it in your main Abuse directory.

Experimental LISP editor version 0.7: download;  Quick instructions


The SOURCE code.  Unsupported, but you can take a look at it if you want.  Includes source for Satan Paint for Windows, my custom installer front-end (for CDs) and my MDI Lisp Editor. Don't expect to get it to compile with anything but MS VC6 without tremendous hassles... download

Abuse 2 previews

A preview of the Abuse 2 engine (Let me know if you spot any bugs)

Level00 (the training level) uses this song, by JAS. If you want, grab it and throw it in the Abuse/Music directory and it'll play when you get to the part in the level that triggers it.

Some screenshots:
New as of 2/13/04

(note - these screenshots were compressed with a crappy .jpg converter, so there's very obvious jpeg artifacting.
The game looks much better, but this at least shows off the lighting)