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Tirupathi - Tirumalai - Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

Tirupathi - Tirumalai - Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

About the temple:
After traveling through the hills, we will come towards the temple of Lord Srinivasar. The entrance of the temple is an unexplainable issue. We can see a large mountain as a chain and in front of it, the white Gopuram is seen.

The Moolavar
Tirumala - Sri Srinivasar The Moolavar of this divyadesam is said to be Swayambhu (originated on its own but not sculpted by humans). The Moolavar, Sri Venkatachalapathy is found in Nindra thirukkolam on the petals of the Lotus. One can see and admire the beauty the Diamond Kireetam on the head of the perumal. On seeing his face to a closer look, we can see the smiling face of the perumal. His chin is covered with the Pachchai Karpooram and for the perumal, 4 hands are found. The upper two arms holds the Sangu and the Chakkaram. The lower right hand is in Varadha hasta pose which is said to the pose where the perumal holds his hand with his palm facing the bhaktas and all of the fingers are pointed towards downwards (towards his divine feet). And his lower left hand is said to be in "Katya Valambitha"pose where the fingers of the hand rest on the left thing of the perumal.

Sri Lakshmi piratti is found on the right side of the Moolavar's chest in sitting position. And on his left chest is Padmavathi thaayar is found. The perumal is worn with lots of precious ornaments on his arms, he is worn with a kind of ornament which is like the Aadhiseshan on his both the hands. He is also worn the Garland of Salagramam and his divine thiruvadi (Feet) is found on the Lotus flower.

Bhoga Srinivasa Murthi

Next to Moolavar is Bhoga Srinivasa Murthi is found who is similar as the Moolavar but the difference is the Sangu and the Chakkaram cant be removed (its fixed) and gives his seva as "Sangu Chakkra thaari". It is said that he is the perumal who accepts all the dedications made by bhaktas and gives the varam.

Ugraha Srinivasar

In front of Moolavar is Ugraha Srinivasar is found who is also named as "Venkata Thuraivar" and the Vigraham represents that he is in the angry mood. Due to an fire accident, he is used only on 3 occasions (ie) during Uttanna Ekadesi, Mukkoti Dwadesi and Dwadasa Aradhana. It is said that the rays of the sun should not touch the idol as it might bring harm to the world. Because of this before the sun rises, he is brought back to the Garbagriham.

The Utsavar is called as "Malai Kuniya Nindran Perumal". He is also found in Nindra kolam and he is worn with lots of precious ornaments like diamonds and gold. Along his sides are Sridevi and Bhoodevi are found.

On special days and on Utsavams like Kalyana Utsavam, Brahmotsavam, Teppa Utsavam, the Utsavar is decorated with a diamond ornament named as "Vajrangi" and a pearl ornament known as "Muthangi" next to ugra Narasimhar is Kolur Srinivasar is found. He is also named as "Dharbar Srinivasar". He is brought up to the Thirumaamani mandapam and the perumal's Kaanikkai are spread infront of him and are counted and finally the collection amount is said infront of him.

Sri Navaneedha Krishnan

Next to him is Sri Navaneedha Krishnan is found. He is found in dancing position along with Rukmanidevi. The Dhanur month (Maargazhi) utsavam is done for this perumal.

Sri Ramar

Next is 4 idols of Sri Ramar, Seetha devi, lakshmana and sugreevan are found. Next to them is Chakarattalwar (Sudarsana chakkaram) is found who is taken out before the utsavar taken out for Veedhi Purappaadu (Perumal is taken out through the streets). On Ratha Saptami, Chakkrattalwar is taken to Swammi Pushkarani and spiritual bath is given to him.

Tirumala - Sri Srinivasar
Next to Sri Rangam divyadesam, only in this sthalam, Alwars have done more numbers of Mangalasasanam here.

Perialwar - 7 Paasurams.
Andal - 16 Paasurams.
Thruppaan alwar - 2 Paasurams.
Kulasekaralwar - 11 Paasurams.
Thirumazhisaialwar - 14 Paasurams.
Poigaialwar - 10 paasurams.
Boothathalwar - 9 Paasurams.
Peialwar - 19 Paasurams.
Nammalwar - 52 Paasurams.
Thirumangaialwar - 62 Paasurams.
Total - 202 Paasurams.

Manavala Maamunigal has stayed in this sthalam for a long time and have praised and sung mangalasasanam on this perumal.

Tirumala - Aanandha Nilaya Vimaanam One can see the beautiful and white Vimaanam, which is known as "Aananda Nilaya Vimaanam". This Tirupathi temple is about 400 feet in length and 250 feet width. There are two gopurams found to this perumal. One is the outer Gopuram and another is Inner Gopuram. For two Gopurams, there are two Pragharams. The worship done in between the two pragharams is referred to as "Sampangi Pradhakshanam". The worship in between inner pragharam and Garbhagriham is referred to as "Vimana Pradhakshanam".

Entering into the Temple:
The outer entrance of the temple is called as "Mugha Dwaram" (entrance) and it is about 11 feet in width. Entering through this, we can see the Ranganayakikula mandapam, which is found on the left hand side. Next to it is the Pradhama mandapam is found.

On the North side of the Pradhama mandapam, a statue of Krishnadevarayar is found who is said to be a great Shiva bhaktan. He came to this Tirumala divyadesam in 16th century for about 7 times.

On the left side of Pradhama Mandapam, a big hall is found where Kalyana utsavam for the Perumal is done in a very grand manner. A small sannadhi for Sri Ranganathar is found and it is said that during the war of the Mughals on Sri Rangam, this Vigraham (Idol) was taken from Sri Rangam and kept here in this sannadhi and proper poojas done for the perumal.

Next to this, is the Thirumalai Raja Mandapam is found. In this mandapam, there are three statues of Lala Khamanan, the Thodarmalla, his mother and his wife are found.

Tirumala - Sri Venkadamudayan along with Naachiyars As we have seen that two types of Pradhakshanams are said to be done in this temple, one can see the Sri Varadharajar sannadhi as we cross the inner Gopuram. Next to Varadharajar sannadhi is the Madapalli. (Kitchen of the temple) is found. There are called as "Poturooms" and the Neivedhya prasadhams are prepared inside these rooms. The incharge of the kitchen is none other than Sri Vakula maligai the mother of the perumal. An idol is also found in the entrance of the Kitchen and because of this, she is called as "Madapalli Naachiyaar".

To the front of Madapalli, a well called as Bangarubavi (Golden well) and the water from this well is taken for cooking the prasadham, and for Thirumanjanam (spiritual bath given for the perumal).

After doing the Pradhakshanam, one can see the sannadhi of Sri Ramanujar, the Vaishnavite Aacharyan. In this sannadhi, theertham and Satari are offered for the bhaktas. There is no sannadhi for any Aacharyaas for any of the Alwars only sannadhi for the great Vaishnavite, Sri Ramanujar is found.

On the side of Sri Ramanujar sannadhi, a sannadhi for Yoga Narasimhar swamy is found. He is giving his seva in Yoga position holding Sangu and Chakkaram on his hands which is lifted upwards.

And after worshipping all these, we will come across Thirumaamani mandapam, where 'Garudan' is found. There is a small vimaanam found on top of Garudalwar Sannadhi.

To the west of Thirumaamani Mandapam, the Bangaru Vakili (the golden entrance) is found. And two Dwara Balagaas, jayan and Vijayan are found on the either side of the entrance. A custom by named "Thiruppaavadai" is done here during which large quantity of cooked rice are spread in this mandapam and Bhoga Srinivasamurthi is brought to this custom to accept it.

After crossing the Bangaru Vakili, we can enter into a mandapam by named Snapana mandapam. This mandapam is also called as "Thiruvilam Koil", where Bhoga Srinivasa murthi is found.

After crossing the Snapana Mandapam, we can find Ramar medai where statues of Hanuman, Angadhan and sugreev are found and to opposite of this medai, statues of Anantham, Garudan and Vishwa karma made of Panchalokam are found.

From Ramar medai, one can enter the Sayana mandapam, where the perumal is put to sleep in night (Ekantha seva).

Behind the Sayana Mandapa is the Garbhagriham. (the moolavar sannadhi).

Keezh Tirupathi








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