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Wearing the Uniform with the Pride of an Aggie...

The first thing you notice about the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M is the distinctive Cadet uniforms. It is the uniforms which distinguish them from the other 40,000 Aggies on campus, and which make them unique among other ROTC programs. Cadets at A&M wear their uniforms to every class, meal, and special event during the school year. The rule used to be if you were going anywhere within a 15 mile radius of College Station you had to be in uniform of B class or better, but that has changed a little. Now cadets wear their uniforms off campus rarely but wear them the entire time they are on campus, with some exceptions.

On all uniforms there are patches on the sleeves denoting ROTC division (Army, Air Force, Navy/Marine, or Non-Contract). Cadets also wear a name tag above the right hand pocket, medals or awards over the left hand pocket and corps rank on the collar.

Citation cords are award for membership in certain organizations or for outstanding performance. The strip on the cover (hat), the belt and buckle and the senior boots and spurs all classify the cadets by year.

  • The senior class is allowed to own or wear boots, white nylon belts, and gold braid on the hats also help distinguish the seniors from the rest of the Corps.
  • Juniors wear white cotton belts and a white braid.
  • The sophomores have black nylon belts and black braid.
  • The freshmen have black cotton belts and no braid.