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Vijaya Medical & Educational Trust consisting of Vijaya Hospital (VH), Vijaya Health Centre (VHC), Vijaya Institute of Trauma & Orthopaedics (VITO) and Vijaya Heart Foundation (VHF) is one of the Pioneer Private Institutions offering medical service to the people of Chennai. The trust was formed by Sri. B. Nagi Reddy, a recipient of Dhada Shahib Palke award and Managing Director of Vijaya Vauhini Studio, one of the most reputed film studios in the country.

Vijaya Hospital came into existence in 1972 and is providing service to the sick ever since. The Vijaya Health Centre was started in 1987 and Vijaya Heart Foundation in 1996 as an extension of VHC. The Vijaya Group of Hospitals are situated in Vadapalani in 20 acres of land, which is the heart of the Cine Studios in Chennai.

The built up area is 4,00,000 sq.ft. The Vijaya Group of Hospitals are surrounded by a scenic garden of 20 acres and the hospitals are known for their scenic serenity and peaceful atmosphere. The hospitals are well equipped with all latest medical technologies. In 1996 M.R.I. equipment was purchased at a cost outlay of Rs.3 crores. In the same year a nuclear scan was also purchased.

The Hospitals have an excellent system for disposing waste and the Vijaya Group of Hospitals has been declared as model hospital in the treating of waste. They use the latest technology UASBR for this purpose.

The Vijaya Group of Hospitals are in the approved list of more than 200 Government Departments and Public Sector Undertakings like ONGC, IOC, STC, SAIL, MMTC, IA, BHEL, BEL, BPCL etc for the purpose of treatment of their employees. The Vijaya Group of Hospital serves more than 1,00,000 out patients and 10, 000 inpatients every year.Vijaya Group of Hospital has more than 1300 staffs and 600 beds serving the various categories of people.

Waste Management System

The Vijaya Group of Hospitals has an excellent system for Waste Management. They have a plant installed for the treatment of waste. This plant known as the Effluent Treatment Plant uses the latest technology UASBR.

VH is one among the earliest private hospitals to come into being in the city. It was founded by Sri. B. Nagi Reddy in 1972. When he was the Managing Director of Vijaya Vauhini Studio one of the most reputed film producing studios in the country. The Hospital is a unit of VM&ET of which Sri. B. Nagi Reddy is the Managing Trustee. Due to the facilities offered and the quality of service rendered, the hospital has steadily grown in size as well as popularity resulting in expansion, which has become a matter of continuous necessity.

The VHC is an extension of the VH. With the grown in demand for the hospital services the management had to find space for expansion, and the creation of VHC in 1987 across the road in the midst of vast garden with abundant greenery and fresh air was the result. VHC is one of the largest health care provider in South India. It has a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient medical facilities and services. VHC has an impressive track record in providing and managing wide range of quality health care.

The VHC has a bed strenth of 270 and is equipped with all latest equipments to serve the patients coming not only from various parts of India and the Andamans but also from Africa, Maldives, the Far East, the Middle east and Srilanka.

In the matter of hospitalisation the choice available to the patient is General Wards, Semi Private Rooms, Single Non A/c Rooms, Single A/c Rooms, Deluxe Wards, Super Deluxe Rooms. In addition to the impatients accomodation 20 rooms are available with facilities for stay and boarding for the convenience of attendants of patients coming from outside Chennai. The most important equipment the hospital possesses is its team of specialists each of whom is reputed in his/her field.