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Are you lonely?
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Registered Senior User (1,224 posts)
Old 05-31-03, 07:00 PM
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I have read in a paper that according to some research about the internet mostly the people who frequent the net are lonely. I wouldn't qualify myself as such, but who would?

The article said that the internet was meant to be a middle of broad communication between the people but it turned out to be the platform of individuals who do not have many contacts in their communities.

Is it so?
Registered Senior User (55 posts)
Old 05-31-03, 07:09 PM
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sargentlard's Avatar sargentlard
Save the whales motherfucker (6,627 posts)
Old 05-31-03, 09:21 PM
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oh yeah
Killjoy's Avatar Killjoy
Lentitudinous Rex (1,392 posts)
Old 05-31-03, 10:26 PM
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uh huh...
DarkEyedBeauty's Avatar DarkEyedBeauty
Pirate. (730 posts)
Old 05-31-03, 11:23 PM
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In some ways... (I felt it necessary to post a smiley.)
Registered Senior User (102 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 01:08 AM
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I would say yeah, insomniacs, porn-lovers, wouldn't those two kinds of people fit into a lonely category?
Registered Senior User (137 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 02:29 AM
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I am alone pretty much all the time but I'm not lonely. I feel like I have just what I need. *Shrug*
Registered Senior User (156 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 03:04 AM
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with respect
Registered Senior User (1,394 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 03:30 AM
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No I don't think it is only lonlieness. I mean I just got off the phone with a friend but there are very few people whom I would call at 3am. A forum such as this is great because it allows one to enter into discussions that may not arise within ones circle of friends. There is a wide variety of people whom one can banter with and learn from, more people means more access to different ideas, its great! I do think that interacting over the net offers freedom from constraint. Very few people would 'flame' each other in a discussion while sitting across from another person, some would not admit to lonlienss, unhappiness, their love or hatred for something etc., but here we are without image. Oh and I like porn too but so do all the men in my life
Acid Cowboy's Avatar Acid Cowboy
Iconoclast (1,121 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 04:01 AM
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First off, being alone is not the same as being lonely.

My reasons for browsing the internet are to get news/information I cannot get elsewhere (at least not as conveniently) and to make use of debate forums like SciForums. I love politics and philosophy and, unfortunately, most of my friends are apolitical and more interested in computers, sports and cars than philosophy.

I think there probably are a lot of lonely people who turn to the internet for some sort of companionship, but arguing religion, gun control, race relations and economic policy doesn't seem like the sort of activities such a loner would engage in.
wesmorris's Avatar wesmorris
Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N (8,777 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 04:11 AM
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The internet is a tool for deintrovertification and the potential establishment of a small social group.

I really only typed that because I wanted to use the word "deintrovertification" before I forgot I thought it was funny.
~The_Chosen~'s Avatar ~The_Chosen~
Registered Senior User (1,047 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 05:07 AM
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Most likely, yep.

Alot of people are lonely and I noticed they prefer to reside in
Jessie's Avatar Jessie
Registered Senior User (61 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 05:46 AM
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Very likely.
spuriousmonkey's Avatar spuriousmonkey
Kill a chicken before a monkey (17,322 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 07:50 AM
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The internet is also a tool to pass time at work.
Dr Lou Natic's Avatar Dr Lou Natic
Unnecessary Surgeon (4,285 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 08:36 AM
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I love being alone.
I lived in a house with an "open door policy" for years. Friends would come to my house all day everyday, sometimes staying for weeks. Its started wearing very thin but I am a fairly "easy going" and would never tell anyone to fuck off. I silently put up with it for ages but now I live in a different city in a "fotress" of an apartment with a buzzer and locks and so on and I must say I love it so much. I revel in this newly found privacy. I'm over-compensating for the years I spent without it. I try to avoid friends and well anyone. I never take it for granted, I'm constantly relaxing and saying "aaaaaaaah".
It is such a relief after living under those conditions for so long. I very rarely am awaken by someone farting on my face surrounded by laughing onlookers these days. Aaaaaah ...

If someone was observing my lifestyle they would think I was very lonely but do I sound lonely?
sargentlard's Avatar sargentlard
Save the whales motherfucker (6,627 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 03:38 PM
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Me is not lonely just loves being alone....especially in me house.
portentous (1,343 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 03:54 PM
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not at all. i come to this forum because of the wide range of issues discussed here.. and the fact that some of the sciforumers are *cough*, pretty intelligent and funny.
Thor's Avatar Thor
"Pfft, Rebel scum!" (7,340 posts)
Old 06-01-03, 04:00 PM
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I actually feel lonely when I'm online but other than that I am not lonely
mature with wisdom (1,737 posts)
Old 06-02-03, 06:10 AM
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Originally posted by airavata
not at all. i come to this forum because of the wide range of issues discussed here.. and the fact that some of the sciforumers are *cough*, pretty intelligent and funny.
"Have you got a cold?..I suggest you spend a week in your room convalescing..and contemplating lonliness
OMGWTFBBQ (1,317 posts)
Old 06-02-03, 06:27 AM
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I wake up around 3-4PM and stay up until 7-8AM... so I'm alone
for quite some time during the night. I've got my friends until 12
and the internet until I fall in the arms of Morpeus (God of sleep
you Matrix-loving ninny!).


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