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When cities became over crowded the people on Earth began to build up towards the sky creating huge mountain like structures, these were called Hive Cities. Populations in these places could reach millions, nearly impossible to control. It is in one of these cities that you now live. Join a gang, gather your arsenal of deadly weapons, gain experience in combat and become unbeatable.

Now is the time to test your skill in this browser based role playing game, you take the role of a single Gangster fighting for survival and power. You can trade, fight, create clans, join a gang or just socialize with other players around the world. In this constantly evolving world that is Gangsterz!

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Below is a list of the last 4 news posts. This news is also displayed when you login to the game, but only once. So check back here to see old news.

Photo Album : Posted by Zorg on January 21 2007-21:52
Our outer content further expanded today with the addition of a G2 gallery to run along side our current G2 wiki. Like the wiki this has its own account system, so you will need to signup if you want to post comments, ratings and upload your own images.

It currently has sections for artwork, staff photos, player photos and screenshots. More may be added on request, you can find the link below the wiki link on the outside of the game. Have fun!

Ticket Submission : Posted by Zorg on January 20 2007-00:21
Due to an insane amount of tickets about 3-4 players have been sending in, we will now be implementing a ticket black list. If you're sending in more than 1 suggestion a week, you really need to stop and think if you are helping the game or simply making it harder for staff to do their jobs by hindering them with excess tickets.

We understand the need to report bugs, account issues, clan problems and such. The problem we have is with suggestion based tickets mostly. The staff will be restricting anyone who sends in excess tickets to 1 open ticket at a time and we reserve the right to deny all forms of staff support to people who abuse this system.

Rep Changes : Posted by Zorg on January 19 2007-18:04
If you submitted a ticket reporting your lost rep it has been reviewed, compared to our old backup and adjusted to the best of our ability. You can see our adjustment in your reputation log. If you did not submit a ticket we regret to inform you that we will no longer be making any adjustments, so you will have to get the reputation back yourself. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Reputation Resets : Posted by Zorg on January 18 2007-12:30
Anyone who has received a favor, disfavor, joined or left a gang in the last 2 days will likely of had their reputation reset by a bug in one of my functions. If this has happened to you, please submit a ticket under bug report. In it you must include your old reputation and the gang for which it applies.

We will be checking the gang logs to make sure one of the above mentioned things has happened to you. We also have a backup from last week we will be cross-referrancing these reports with. Anyone attempting to mislead us with their reports, or blatantly reporting false reputation to us will be banned.

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