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Headlines :: Thursday February 1, 2007
Quick News: The official website for the upcoming Fire Emblem, translated as 'The Goddess of Dawn'. The website contains various media from the title, the background story as well as a gorgeous introduction sequence.

Thanks to C3 reader Kimbo for the tip.
01.02.2007 16:44
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Following on from the release of Final Fantasy IV on GBA mid-way through last year, Nintendo has confirmed the release of Square Enix's fifth FF, and it is not far away!

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01.02.2007 15:47
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Whilst last week saw Nintendo basically pushed out of the All Format Top 10 in Australia completely, this week's new release of WarioWare on Wii seems to have made an instant impact.

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01.02.2007 15:45
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Cubed³ Exclusive – Yesterday Cubed³’s Adam Riley was lucky enough to be invited to interview Square Enix’s Senior Vice President Hiromichi Tanaka on a vast array of subjects.

Head inside for a report on the outcome…
01.02.2007 12:13
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Ubisoft have announced that the popular card game, Top Trumps is set to take on the virtual gaming scene with various titles set for equally popular mediums - PS2, DS and PC.

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01.02.2007 12:04
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The latest Top 30 sales chart has been made available courtesy of EG and Media Create, showing a massive surprise as a Western title leads the way!

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01.02.2007 11:56
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Following the immense success of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon on both the DS and GBA around the whole of Europe, Nintendo is gearing up for the launch of Pokémon Ranger on the dual-screened portable.

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01.02.2007 11:52
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Sega have released an extended trailer to the one that's hit the web recently, revealing a selection of brand new areas an environments to explore and also the multiplayer aspect in motion with a few familiar faces.

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01.02.2007 11:49
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The New York Times, with the aid of Majesco who are to publish the title, have announced 'The New York Times Crosswords', currently making its way to Nintendo DS.

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01.02.2007 03:22
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More industry banter comes with the Wii's increasing success in the market. Sony America spokesperson Dave Karakker has commented on he Wii's performance in comparison to the Playstation 3 in a recent interview with the New York Times.

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31.01.2007 14:09
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The latest review scores from Japanese gaming publication Famitsu have come out, with them scoring Wii's Cooking Mama: Cook Off and DS's Luminous Arc and Jet Impulse.

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31.01.2007 09:45
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Worrying rumours are going around about the conversion rates between Nintendo Europe Stars Points and Wii's Points - and similarly, there could be bad news for the Stars system itself.

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31.01.2007 09:14
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