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A Presentation of the History and Development of the American West!

American Indian Traditions.  Picture is acquired from . Cowboys and Rodeos
From the Frontier and Pioneer days of the Wild West, to today's Modern West.
Featuring: Pioneers, MountainMen, Native Americans, Explorers, Trappers, Westward Expansion, Oregon Trail, Cowboys, Indians, Scouts, Gunslingers (the whole dang blang shootin' match is heah, bucko!), Outlaws, Gunbattles, Ghost Towns, Gold & Silver Mining, Saloons, Virginia City, Dodge City, Tombstone, O.K. Corral, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Kit Carson, John C. Fremont, John Wesley Powell, Wild Bill Hickok, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Buffalo Bill, Sitting Bull, Roy Rogers, Western Theme Parks, Museums and Exhibitions, the Great Plains Prairie, Buffalo, Horses, Rodeos, Stage Coaches, Frontier Railroads, River Steam Boats, America's Freedom Documents, and anything of interest or of significance west of the Mississippi River. We carry a lot of links to other major high quality western-type web sites.

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. . .Definition of The West:

. . . .These are the 22 Western States

. . . . that form the American West

. . . .(west of the Mississippi River).

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American Westward Expansion
Includes maps of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, the Santa Fe Trail, the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Pioneer Trail, the Pony Express Route, the Overland Trail and Key Dates of Expansion. A story on frontier transportation explains the important role of the transcontinental railroad and the railroad companies.

Native American Tribes and Nations Native Americans' "CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE", your one-stop source for in-depth and extensive information on Native Americans, covering the past, the present and the future. There are also stories on famous Indian Chiefs and many 19th century pictures. Many Home Pages for Native American Nations, Organizations, Institutions and Individuals. Many information sources are from the Government and there are possibilities to contact Representatives directly via email.

European Emigration
As an example of European mass emigration to America propelling the expansion westward during the 19th century, the Swedish case is rather typical. Explained are the reasons for leaving the old country and what the Swedes could expect to find in the new country. There is also a story of Bengt Lindeblad's (the originator of this site) own emigration experiences about 100 years later. Many pictures and many links to other information sources.

Gunslingers and Outlaws
From Doc Holliday, Wild Bill Hickok, and Jesse James to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Some famous Gunbattles.

Pioneer Towns, Forts and Other Places
The Alamo. Pioneer towns such as Tombstone, Virginia City and Carson City, and Dodge City are featured as well as ghost towns Like Bodie, CA and Jerome AZ. Plenty on the Black Hills and Deadwood, South Dakota, too.

Western Pioneers, Frontiermen, Mountain Men and Fur Traders
Buffalo Bill, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, James Bowie, Kit Carson and other well-known Westerners.
Women of the West and life on the Plains.
Susan LaFlesche Picotte
A new section (suggestions are encouraged!): Science in the 19th century
The Progress of Medicine in the 1800's and Elias Samuel Cooper.
Nikola Tesla
Thomas Edison in Menlo Park
Medicine in the Civil War
Scientific Medicine
Florence Nightingale Museum
Smithsonian - Power Machinery

Here you can round-up all the information you'll ever need about Cowboys. Here at we have the internet's largest collection of Cowboy Poetry. Among other honors, we've been been recognized as a "hot site" by USA Today, a "preferred site" by Read the West, and featured as the "Best of the West" site at The Wyoming Companion. Our site gets updated with new poetry twice monthly, and each update is accompanied by an email newsletter to our many visitors.
Cowboy Poetry

Music - to be expanded soon.

Images From The Old West

Searchable database of images, U. of Nebraska Press
Rattlesnake Jack's Old West Clip Art Parlour, North West Rebellion Emporium and Rocky Mountain Ranger Patrol. This site contains a font gallery and lots of western stuff!
Selected Images From the National Archives.

The National Park Service
Our collected heritage, including archeology, historic places, structures landscapes and museums. An excellent way to get involved in our heritage !!
Wells Fargo Museum
"We�re filling this historical bank ledger book with the many parts of our heritage: stories and art; documents and treasure boxes; and, of course, stagecoaches."
Buffalo - and other animals
Buffalos once roamed from Canada to Mexico and all over the American plains in very large numbers, estimated at about 60 million at the time ("the plains were black and appeared as in motion"). Buffalos were also the center of life for the plains tribes of Native Americans, providing them with food, shelter, clothing and spiritual inspiration. However, when the white man moved in and settled in the west, these herds of buffalos were brought to near extinction with only about 300 Buffalos left in 1893. Since then the numbers have increased thanks to breeding programs and conservation efforts.
Research Areas
A tremendous amount of historical information about the American West.
Contribution from Schools to the American West
Schools on the History and Development of the American West are welcome to contribute with stories and graphics to this section through their web-site (we will link up to it free of charge, in return we hope you will establish a link to our site) providing that the same high standard is applied to the contributed material. See our first contributions. We are also adding links that could be useful to teachers and students.
America's Freedom Documents
The migration westward was driven by the pursuit of happiness, liberty, freedom and justice. Here is a fantastic link to the very documents that "We the People" had agreed upon to help facilitate our goals.
The American Revolution
This page contains a complete American history, from the colonial period until modern times, including westward expansion.
Academy of Achievement
Brings you face to face with the extraordinary individuals who have shaped the twentieth century. It is an amazing collection, not of mere artifacts, but of people and ideas that fill you with inspiration, encouragement, and the will to achieve.

The Modern West

  • Libraries
  • New Exciting Aquariums
  • The World's Largest Mall
    Over 800 stores and services, as large as 48 city blocks and a hotel in the mall.
    The Wonders of the Universe

Please view the Personal Homepage of Bengt Lindeblad

a Swedish immigrant (his story) and the creator of!

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