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Most of the lineage and honors histories in this folder were updated in 2004-2005, as the AFHRA moved into a two-year cycle of revision. These updates supersede many of the lineage and honors histories found in the following previous publications:
Maurer Maurer (ed.), Air Force Combat Units of World War II (Washington: USGPO, 1983).

Charles A. Ravenstein, Air Force Combat Wings: Lineage and Honors Histories, 1947-1977 (Washington: USGPO, 1984).

Judy G. Endicott (ed.), Active Air Force Wings as of 1 October 1995 (Washington: USGPO, 1999).

Usually, the last two lines of the statements give the "through" dates for lineage, assignments, components, stations, and honors and for commanders, aircraft, and operations. Corrections offered by readers will be evaluated, and confirmed changes will be posted during the two-year cycle of revision. To contact AFHRA, complete and submit this form.

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