The Breakaway

On September  8, 1997, Scotland's top ten professional clubs announced their intention to resign from the SFL and form a breakaway league.

It heralded a new dawn in the history of Scottish Football with the top clubs taking control of their destiny to drive the game forward on and off the park and deliver a brighter future.

There followed months of negotiations, involving the top ten clubs, the Scottish Football League and the Scottish Football Association.

On December 9, 1997, the League Management Committee of the SFL agreed to endorse a decision taken the previous month by a Special General Meeting, which saw votes cast by all 40 Scottish senior clubs.

In May, 1998, the Scottish Football Associations' Council and Members, following an official submission from the top ten, approved the top ten clubs' plans to set up a new Premier League.

After negotiations with the SFA and the SFL and with severance payments agreed, the SPL was established in time for the start of the 1998-99 season.

Roger Mitchell, with his previous accountancy, media and music industry experience, became the chief executive of the SPL.

The first SPL games took place on August 1, 1998 and another chapter in Scottish Football history began.