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Sui Juris
The Truth in the Record

A Process for the People to Access the Courts

Did you know there is no such thing as "Constitutional Rights"? Your Rights are given to you by God, your Birthright, your Inheritance, Sovereign, and cannot be restricted or taken from you. The Constitution does not give you any rights, it RESTRICTS GOVERNMENT from interfering in the Right of Sovereign Natural People to exercise their Inherent Rights freely..

Learn how to exercise these Rights and protect yourself by knowing what your Sovereign Inherent Rights are, in order to demand them in a courtroom.


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Counterfeit Reality; Nightmare in Oregon is a truly unbelievable story unfolding at this time in Oregon. The case is exploding open systemic corruption in the highest offices of Oregon government, criminal evidence against the Governor and top elected officials, numerous public servants and bar members. The court Records affirm evidence of black market child selling. Horrific child sexual abuse and pornography being conducted by the state child "protection" agency, while the perpetrators are being actively protected by the Oregon courts and judiciary. The case has exposed systemic collusion, conspiracy and racketeering, affirmed by a jury in l998, yet no state employee has yet been prosecuted. One Senator commented that the abuse is so bad that they can't do anything about it.