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A - Wash your hands at least two times with warm water and soap. Dry your hands with a clean paper towel.

B - Remove the Blood Specimen Collection Card from the storage bag it came in.

CAUTION! Copy this number carefully and accurately. It is used to identify your test results.

D - Tear off the cover slip from the Blood Specimen Collection Card.

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NOTE: DO NOT collect your blood sample while near any male person (adult or child) because contamination may occur.

A - Select an area on your fingers for the test. In general, the pads of your fingers are tougher than the sides so you should select the side of a finger that seems the most sensitive or the least tough.

B - Cleanse the site you have selected with an alcohol prep pad; two prep pads are provided in the kit.

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Twist the safety tab out of the lancet. Do not pull, twist until the tab comes free.

CAUTION! Do not use if the safety tab is missing or already removed from the lancet. Contact Acu-Gen Biolab, Inc. at once!

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A - Press the lancet to the selected area of your finger. PRESS FIRMLY!

B - Push down the lancet's button. You will hear a soft snapping sound and feel a tiny pinch on your fingertip.

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Hold your pierced fingertip close to the first test circle and gently massage the fingertip, if necessary, to deposit a drop of blood into the test circle. The circle must be completely filled in with blood. If necessary, express another drop of blood to fill in the test circle

CAUTION! Do not squeeze your fingertip. Massage gently.

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Repeat Step #5 to completely fill in the second and third test circles.

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Use the bandage supplied with this kit to bandage your fingertip at the puncture site. Any bleeding should stop in several minutes.

NOTE: Blank discharge any unused lancets to prevent accidental injury to others. Carefully and properly dispose of used and unused lancets to prevent injury to others.

1. Put your used or unused yet discharged lancets in a sharps collector or hard plastic or metal container with a screw on or tightly secured lid.

2. Keep this container away from children,

3. Seal the lid securely and dispose of properly.

4. Do not put the filled container into the recycling bin.

5. Do not recycle lancets.

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Allow the test pad to air dry for thirty (30) minutes.

NOTE: Be careful to keep all moisture and other contaminants away from the test pad.

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  1. Has your pregnancy has been confirmed: check "Yes" or "No."
  2. Write the first date of your last menstrual period.
  3. Fill in the Registration Number that was provided to you when you paid for your service order.
  4. Write in your last name only if you choose to. This is an optional item.
  5. Write in your first name only if you choose to. This is an optional item.
  6. Read and understand the statement of informed consent.
  7. Acknowledge your understanding of the statement of informed consent and acknowledge your agreement by filling in the Acu-Gen Access Code number from the cover sheet that you tore off to keep.
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Fold the Flap-over Protective Tab over the three test circles, then place the test pad back into the storage bag that it came in.

CAUTION! Be careful not to touch the blood sample area.


SHIPPING DIRECTIONS: Place the storage bag into the protective envelope and seal the protective envelope. Place the protective envelope in the pre-paid FedEx return enveplope enclosed with the Test Kit.  Place the FedEx return enveloped in a nearby FedEx dropoff box.  For international shipping, call your local FedEx to arrange for payment and pick-up.

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