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Babe Zaharias Course History

In 1926 the golf course that is now affectionately known as "The Babe" was opened in northwest Tampa as Forest Hills Golf and Country Club.  There were riding stables located on the south end of the property and a magnificent two-story clubhouse that included a ballroom.  The original course layout had only 10 homes scattered around it.  Unlike today the golf course meanders its way through a tree lined neighborhood bordered in many cases with homes and roads on both sides of the fairway.

In 1949 Mildred Ella "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias purchased the golf course.  It's been said that "Babe's" actually lived on the second floor of the clubhouse.  In 1954 Babe moved into a residents not far from the present clubhouse location.  In September of 1956 "Babe" died of cancer in a hospital in Galveston, Texas.  Following "Babes" death the golf course closed.  In 1962  the once magnificent clubhouse burned.  A contractor from Miami either purchased or wanted to purchase the golf course with the intent of building apartments and condos on golf course property.  Fortunately the City of Tampa did not approve the zoning.  It then became overgrown and a haven for motorcycle riders.  Since that time the property has been re-zoned for use as a park or other recreational use.

Keeping "Babe's" name, the City of Tampa re-opened the golf course as Babe Zaharias in 1974.  Now some 30 years later, "The Babe" has had a makeover.  All 18 greens were be re-built and a new irrigation system has been installed.  The work was completed on November 19, 2004.  other minor changes to sand traps and tees were also made.  With these changes our goal wass to continue to offer a golf course that is challenging for all levels of play and still remain the user-friendly course many of you have grown to know and love.

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