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ARF Shant Armenian Student Association

January 21, 2007 - All Armenian Students Association and Shant Condemn Assassination of Hrant Dink

December 5, 2006 - Book Presentation - ARF Album-Atlas Volume I English Translation

November 19, 2006 - What Comes After Armenian Genocide Recognition?

September 28, 2006 - Armenian Revolutionary Federation Shant Chairs All-ASA Senate

Feather Pen The Role of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation "Shant" Student Association is to bring a higher level of political and cultural awareness to Armenian students within American Universities and institutions of higher learning. It is our goal to work side by side with the Armenian Student Associations and other Armenian Student organizations to further the Armenian Cause.

Only with the advancement of Armenian issues within the school system can we stop Turkish attempts at altering history. The "Shant" Student Association strongly believes in the fact that the time has come for all Armenian students to come together and take decisive steps to bring the "Armenian Cause" to the forefront of public attention. In this capacity, the Shant Student Association is a full member of the Confederation of All-Armenian Student Associations (All-ASA) and works with other Armenian student organizations in the pursuit of our collective goals.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation was founded in 1890. Ideologically, the ARF is a nationalistic, socialistic, and democratic organization. Today, the ARF is one of three parties of the ruling coalition government of the Republic of Armenia. The ARF is also a full member of the Socialist International.

The Supreme Goals of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation are:

Wilsonian Armenia
15th Anniversary of Armenia's Independence
a) The establishment of a free, independent and united Armenia.
b) Armenia must be a democratic and socialistic independent republic.
c) The boundaries of united Armenia must incorporate the territories awarded to Armenia by the Treaty of Sevres, as well as the regions of Nakhijevan, Javakhk, and Artsakh.
d) The Armenian people, including its dispersed masses, must assemble on the territory of independent Armenia.
e) The still unpunished crime of genocide against the Armenian people must be condemned and redressed by the return of the occupied territories and by the just reparation for losses to the Armenian people.
f) The basic law of the Republic of Armenia shall be decided by the constitutional assembly of Armenia elected on the bases of universal, equal, direct, secret, and proportional representation.