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·        ACCURATE:  Baby Gender Mentor's early prenatal gender detection test is based on established qPCR technology that, when properly administered by a qualified laboratory, has been proven highly accurate in detecting targeted DNA markers.  Baby Gender Mentor goes one step beyond standard qPCR detection technology, by confirming every gender result with a second test using proprietary new technology based on fetal RNA detection. 


·        EARLY GENDER DETECTION:  The Test is able to detect prenatal gender as early as five weeks after conception, with even greater reliability as the pregnancy approaches eight weeks.   


·        PROMPT RESULTS:  All Test results are posted on our Web Site so that you can obtain confidential access to your Test result within forty-eight hours after your blood sample was received by Acu-Gen  (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).


·        PRIVATE:  The Test allows you to order laboratory analysis and access your Test result at our secure Web Site.* 


·        SAFE AND EASY:  The Test requires only three drops of your blood from a finger prick.  The process is non-invasive and safe for you and your baby.


·        CONVENIENCE:  Hundreds of obstetricians and gynecologists have successfully utilized qPCR gender detection technology for more than a decade.  Expecting mothers can now access similar gender detection technology for self-testing in the privacy and convenient setting of their own homes. 


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