Press Release

Archbishop - difficult days ahead

6 August 2003

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that difficult days lie ahead for the Anglican Church after the decision of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America to confirm the election of Canon Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire.
“ The General Convention’s decision to approve the appointment of Gene Robinson will inevitably have a significant impact on the Anglican Communion throughout the world and it is too early to say what the result of that will be.
“ It is my hope that the church in America and the rest of the Anglican Communion will have the opportunity to consider this development before significant and irrevocable decisions are made in response. I have said before that we need as a church to be very careful about making decisions for our own part of the world which constrain the church elsewhere.
" It will be vital to ensure that the concerns and needs of those across the Communion who are gravely concerned at this development can be heard, understood and taken into account."