About North Shore City Council

An image of North Shore City Council building in Takapuna, North Shore City. Working for the community

The council, comprising the Mayor and 15 councillors (including the Deputy Mayor) is accountable to the ratepayers of North Shore City for the direction and control of the city's activities.

It fulfils this responsibility by establishing the strategic direction as detailed in the Strategic Plan, by approving the Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) and various policies developed by the management, and by monitoring performance against these plans and policies.

The council is required to undertake the regulatory and operational functions set out in the Local Government Act. It has a wide range of mandatory and discretionary functions set out in that and various other statutes.

Mission statement

North Shore City Council will deliver responsive and equitable leadership for the city, providing our citizens with excellent services to enhance the quality of life and protect the natural environment, for present and future generations.


We are proud of and enjoy our city lifestyle and its prosperity. We have a cosmopolitan and dynamic city, offering a range of quality lifestyles with an abundance of education, employment, leisure, entertainment and cultural opportunities. People are able to move around our city with ease, they feel safe and have work and play at their doorstep.

Our commitment

North Shore City Council is committed to ensuring that we act fairly and equitably in our relationships with all individuals and community groups. Our commitment to those ideals is set firmly in place by convention and practice. Further, our obligations are underscored by law, in particular the Resource Management Act, which makes special reference to the Treaty of Waitangi and the "relationship of Maori and their culture and traditions with their ancestral lands, water, sites, wahi tapu and other taonga". The Resource Management Act defines the principle of kaitiakitangi or exercising of guardianship of a resource and makes special reference to the Treaty in achieving the purpose of the Act. In all our dealings with individuals and community groups we will continue to meet our obligations to ensure that we care for our unique environment, with due regard to the rights and privileges of those individuals and community groups under the above Act and other Acts of Parliament.


The council of North Shore City is a local authority under the Local Government Act 1974. The city was established in 1989 following the amalgamation of a number of smaller local authorities and is the fourth largest city by population in New Zealand.

The North Shore City Council covers 12,979 hectares, and native bush covers almost 10 per cent of the area. The coastline, with its beaches and indented waterways, is one of the longest of any urban authority in New Zealand.

The city now has an annual budget in excess of $350 million, and total assets of $3.5 billion.

More than six per cent of all New Zealand businesses are located in North Shore City. Unemployment is consistently below the national average.

The council has 15 councillors and a mayor, all elected for a three-year term, and selected from three city wards. The next election is in October 2007.