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Access Birchington Parish Council Annual Report here


Thanet Rural Speed Watch


The Speed Watch system has been operating in the Thanet villages for several months now.  It is operated by village volunteers though, to date, nobody in Birchington has shown any interest in joining the scheme.  The equipment as shown is transported to the approved site in the village.  Once it is set up, the volunteers, working in teams of at least two, can sit in their cars and record the registration numbers of speeding cars.  This information is transferred to the police.  The system operates in daylight hours only and volunteers only take part when they wish - participation is purely voluntary.  For more information call Iris Osbourne on telephone 01843 840901


Shop Safe


Shop Safe has been introduced in Station Road.  Shop Safe is a community-based radio system for traders that allows them to talk to each other and to local wardens and police who are on duty.  The radios are also monitored in the CCTV control room in Margate.  The system is especially valuable to establishments that trade in the evening such as pubs, clubs, restaurants and supermarkets.  There are at present twenty radios switched on in the village.  Shop Safe systems are now established in Ramsgate, Margate, Broadstairs, Westwood Cross and Birchington.  The picture below show some of the traders and administrators of the system at the photoshoot.  Photos by our resident photographer Roger Hobcraft tel 01843 841457






Once again, on Saturday November 11th, a number of cars and a small coach left Birchington early in the morning to make the journey to La Chapelle d`Armentiere in North Western France to visit the military cemeteries and to take part in the civic ceremonies commemorating those that have paid the supreme sacrifice.  Amongst those that travelled were representatives from Birchington Parish Council, Birchington Twinning Association, Birchington and Westgate Rotary Club, Birchington Air Scouts and members of the Church of England clergy. 


The following day visitors from La Chapelle joined villagers at their parade and church service in Birchington to remember the fallen.  There was a good attendance with Squadron 438 ATC band leading the parade.  They were turned out immaculately and played absolutely precise marching music.   Meanwhile the Birchington Silver Band provided music in the Square and the last post with their usual quality.  Thank you to both groups!  Drinks and snacks were enjoyed at the Centre after the service with the compliments of the Parish Council.  The photos below were taken this year in France.




Westwood Cross Future Developments 


The plan at Westwood is to build 1000 additional houses on farm land adjacent to the new shopping centre.  There will be virtually no new roads - existing country lanes will be improved.  The developer who is building the houses will be requested to build one new road through the estate of new houses.


Sheila Bransfield, Chair of Acol Parish Council writes:

I expect most of you know of the "Save the Island Campaign" which has been set up to put a stop to any more huge housing estates in Thanet, but particularly the proposed development at Westwood.  Roxanne Chesher-Brazier (who is an Acol Parish Councillor) has bravely volunteered to head the campaign and I hope you have noticed the amount of publicity already received through the Isle of Thanet Gazette.  Roxanne has asked me to contact everyone to ask for your support.  All the villages are already suffering from the impact of the Westwood Cross development and the estate that is proposed would exacerbate an already critical situation.  There will be another public meeting on 18th September, details of which will follow later, but it will be held in a larger venue than previously and it is hoped that more people will be able to attend.
Those of you who are likely to suffer direct consequences if such a development was approved can write to Doug Brown at TDC with your concerns.  Others are requested to sign the petition currently going round which will be presented at 10 Downing Street (providing there are enough signatures!)  If you would like a petition sheet and would be willing to acquire signatures of people you know, you can contact Roxanne at her email address
I hope the Campaign can depend upon your support.



Birchington CCTV Annual Audit


The CCTV system managed by BPC is now two years old and has just been audited for the second time.  At the time of writing the audit report is not yet available.  Clicking on the paragraph heading will allow you to read last year`s report and the new one will be posted as soon as it arrives.  We are not expecting any surprises in this report.  The really good news is that, after much lobbying, there will shortly be a link to our cameras in the central control room of TDC where all the mainstream cameras are controlled.  Operators in this control room, who can communicate directly with police on the ground, will be able to control our Birchington cameras though any images that require saving to disk will still need attention back here in the village.



Birchington Carnival


The village carnival took place on Sunday 27th August.  The weather was kind and those folk who ventured out along the way enjoyed the spectacle.  As usual, all the "Courts" looked absolutely fabulous and everyone had a good time.  For some of our village pubs this is the best day of the year and this year did not disappoint them!





Rossetti Gardens



Passing villagers may have been surprised or shocked at the apparent take-over by Christie`s Wine Bar of up to half of the memorial garden.  Birchington Parish Council (BPC) was as surprised as anyone.  Whilst informal TDC contact had been made with us over the past two years on this subject we had requested more details, particularly from the owner of the wine bar.  This information was never received by us whilst permission from TDC for the wine bar to go ahead  was issued by them.  There are many issues involved in this matter and we intend to follow them all up with TDC.  In order to begin this process we have written to the Chief Executive of TDC.  The current position, however, is that the Parish Council has been bye-passed and the memorial garden is now a beer garden!

Latest news on this subject is that the application is being changed - though to what we do not yet know - and that it will be reconsidered at TDC in January.  Watch this space.


Yew Tree Gardens - Alleyway to Neame Woods


Birchington Parish Council`s (BPC) policy is to try to keep open all public footpaths and rights of way.  The alleyway in Yew Tree Gardens has been used by members of the public for many years.  BPC has consulted with KCC over the recent blockage through our County Councillor, Charles Hibberd.  Records from the previous enquiry, which were taken away by KCC, appear to have been lost.  However, KCC say that if BPC can produce additional evidence they will respond positively to a request by the Parish Council for a further public enquiry.  The Parish Council intend to ask for an enquiry.  This footpath will only be re-opened if sufficient members of the public are prepared to come forward to tell the inspector that they have used this access in the past.  Would all villagers who wish to give evidence please contact Cllr Margaret Sheldrick who is coordinating the collection of evidence. 


KCC have requested legal advice as to what constitutes "additional evidence".  The Parish Council is waiting for this advice before deciding on the next course of action.  Meanwhile all paperwork from members of the public concerning Yew Tree is being safely stored.


Red Lodge  The Parade


A planning application has been received to demolish Red Lodge and to build a block of eight apartments.  The proposed block is set back from both roads and adheres to existing sight lines.  Nevertheless, the approval of this application will result in one more unique sea front residence disappearing.  Unfortunately this is not in the area of High Townscape Value that BPC successfully argued for at the last review of the Local Plan.


      Information from the Past


If any visitors to this web site, especially from outside of Thanet,  have any queries about old family links to the village then our Parish Archivist, Jennie Burgess, would be only too pleased to try and help.  Please contact us through the link on the front page and we will pass your query on to Jennie.    We may consider adding a  heritage page to this site if there is sufficient traffic and demand.


    Planning Matters


Thanet District Council posts all planning applications on the web in PDF format.  You will find them at  







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