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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't we talk about the boards on the boards?


Talking about the boards is pretty self-explanatory. Some examples would include starting a self-congratulatory thread praising yourself and your fellow posters on your wit, good taste, and pleasant aroma; derailing the discussion in one thread by discussing another thread; starting a thread devoted to the funniest posts on the board, threads you've started that haven't been successful, or which posters you'd like to hook up; or complaining about board policy (for instance, whining that a thread you started got closed, complaining that a moderator is too harsh, et cetera).

The reason we ask that posters not discuss the boards on the boards is that this is a site about television, and the discussion should remain about television -- or about something of substance. Once the discussion stops being about something, and starts being about the site and each other, it's very easy for the site to slide into irrelevance. If you want to tell another poster how funny or great s/he is, or how much you'd like to see him/her hook up with another poster, or whatever, you may certainly email him/her to say so.

Well, you might ask, if I can't use the boards to tell a moderator that s/he rules (or sucks), what is my recourse?

Our moderators are all reachable by email; if you're unsure of the address, you can check our master staff page for a complete listing.

But you really shouldn't tell a moderator s/he sucks. It's rude.

NB: We also ask that you not discuss other boards on our boards. You may certainly link to them, but if they become the foreground of the discussion, that's off topic.

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