"Raising public awareness is a CAI-Asia priority and BAQ 2006 has brought together two dozen international and domestic journalists for a two day training workshop before covering the meeting."

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Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for Powerpoint PresentationsGuidelines for Powerpoint Presentations
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Guidelines for Poster PresentationsGuidelines for Poster Presentations
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Guidelines for Full PapersGuidelines for Full Papers
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How to reduce the filesize of your Powerpoint slides

We've all experienced it before: we prepare a 10-slide presentation, copy-paste a few digital photos, and suddenly realize that the filesize has exceeded 5MB (or more). The reason is that ordinary copy-pasting of images is not enough. We need to use Paste Special...

  1. Open your Powerpoint presentation and go to the slide where you have inserted an image.
  2. Right-click on the image and select CUT.
  3. Then on the toolbar, click the EDIT menu and select PASTE SPECIAL...
  4. Under "Paste As..." select JPEG or GIF, then click OK. (Tip: Use JPEG for photographs and GIF for logos)
  5. Do this for all your pictures. Then SAVE the Powerpoint file.

The result is that your overall filesize will be dramatically reduced! This will save you valuable disk space and make it easy for you to email your presentation without having it bounce.

Note: The deadline for the submission of abstracts has passed. In some cases, however, and only for compelling reasons, participants can still submit their abstract to Herbert Fabian (hfabian@adb.org) with a copy to Cornie Huizenga (chuizenga@adb.org).

For abstract submissions, download sample format:

Integrated Air Quality Management in IndonesiaIntegrated Air Quality Management in Indonesia
[.doc, 20.9Kb]

(abstract presented for BAQ 2004, held in Agra, India)