Welcome... Clorox™ FreshCare™ Dry Clean and Gentle Fabric Cleaning brings fabric cleaning for dry clean only and gentle care garments home with this easy system that cleans and freshens garments, delicates and small household fabrics in your own dryer in just 30 minutes!

Clean and remove odors from garments such as sweaters, shirts, blouses, blazers, dresses, slacks, vests and other special care and hand washable garments using this system.

FreshCare™ is safe to use on a wide range of dry clean only and gentle care fabrics including wools, silks, rayons and linens.

In addition, FreshCare™ can be used to clean and freshen household linen items such as small blankets or throws, small curtains, and decorative pillows.

Replacement or Refund on Product if Defective.  Limited Warranty to Consumers