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WarWizard is an old style shareware tile based single player RPG (16 colors, 640x200, etc.) released in the early 90s by a company called MicroGenesis™, its founders being Brad McQuaid, Steve Clover, and Milo D. Cooper.  It was first developed on the Amiga, and then ported to the PC for DOS, using a DOS extender.

WarWizard Credits

  • Producer:  Brad McQuaid
  • Programming (Amiga): Brad McQuaid
  • Programming (PC): Steve Clover
  • Artist: Milo D. Cooper
  • Sound: James Dobson
  • Technical Assistance: Roger Uzun

We are making the DOS shareware version of WarWizard available here now: 


WarWizard 1 Screenshots

The bad news is that full version of WarWizard 1 is misplaced -- I know Steve and/or I have the floppies somewhere, but we have yet to locate them so I can't make them available.


WarWizard 1 & 2 will not run under Windows XP (and I don't think it will run under Win2k either).  You need to either have a Windows 98 box with at least a 486 33/66mhz or better, or you can use one of the several DOS emulators out there for XP.  I've used the following with good luck:


And then used the following as a nice windows front end to DOSBox:


Beyond that, we are also considering having WarWizard 1 ported to Win32, so that it will run on modern operating systems. That said, we're working on Vanguard and between that and family, there's precious few free moments, so don't hold your breath.

Our intent with this site for ourselves is nostalgic and also in response to semi-frequent emails asking about the game, where to get it, and general interest in the game that led to WarWizard's creators moving on to be involved in the WarWizard 2 demo, EverQuest and now Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

Feedback/Questions/Interest in porting the game, etc. should be sent to bmcquaid@sigilgames.com

WarWizard 2 Demo

WarWizard 2 Demo Zip File

(note this is an incomplete demo also written for DOS using a DOS extender not compatible with Win2k on up -- good luck on getting it run)

The WarWizard 2 demo was a key factor in the hiring of Brad McQuaid & Steve Clover as the first two EverQuest team members and co-authors of the EverQuest Design Doc.  It is a tile based single player RPG similar to WarWizard 1, but with better graphics, probably on par somewhere between Ultima 5 & 6.  Special thanks to John Smedley for hiring us and for Milo Cooper's recommendation (he worked with Smedley @ 989 Studios at the time).  This is a DOS app, like WarWizard 1, and uses the same DOS extender that is incompatible with Win2k and newer operating systems.  It runs using VESA drivers in 800x600 and 8 bit color.  It also contains the tool program I developed to add content to the game (the interface blatantly NeXTStep in style as it was (and may still be) my favorite GUI).

WarWizard 2 Credits

  • Producer: Brad McQuaid
  • Programmers:  Brad McQuaid & Steve Clover
  • Artists:  Bill Trost, Kevin Burns, Victor LaFica

Disclaimer:  Good luck on getting any of this to work, there are no guarantees, if it blows up your computer, we are not responsible, etc.  Thanks!


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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes


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