"Raising public awareness is a CAI-Asia priority and BAQ 2006 has brought together two dozen international and domestic journalists for a two day training workshop before covering the meeting."

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page will help answer many of the questions that participants have about BAQ 2006. The list of questions will grow in the coming months, but for now, it is good to start with the most basic.

What is BAQ 2006?
BAQ stands for Better Air Quality, and since 2001 this event been the leading gathering for air quality management stakeholders in Asia. The first BAQ was organized in Hong Kong and was largely a local event. However, in the following year with BAQ 2002, it was launched as regional and international workshop largely due to the coordination and contribution of the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia), private sector sponsors, and supporting organizations. BAQ 2003 was held in Manila, Philippines, and BAQ 2004 in Agra, India. With hundreds of participants attending BAQ, the event will now be held every two years to give sufficient time for program development and logistical arrangements.

How do I participate in BAQ 2006?
Registration is open only to people who intend to pay for their own airfare and hotel accommodations ("self-funded"). Some people have already been invited to register but they will be funded by a supporting organization.

Why does the BAQ 2006 logo have a face?
The face on the official BAQ 2006 logo comes from traditional Indonesian shadow puppetry. The face belongs to Indra, god of the air. The colors in his headpiece are the same colors used by Yogyakarta, and each color symbolizes a specific virtue. Green at the top represents prosperity which symbolizes the state of the organization (BAQ). Red represents bravery, and is defined by the courage to take on endeavors or hurdle obstacles. Yellow is nobleness, and black represents eternity. The spire structure behind Indra depicts the monument of the City of Yogyakarta.

Do I need a visa when traveling to Indonesia?
Yes. To gain entry to Indonesia, foreign nationals need to have in their possession passports with at least six months of validity and appropriate visas. Click here for updated visa requirements.