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Anarchy Online Vault -- AO Boards: Best class for a froob?
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Monday, 8 Jan, 2007 - Anarchy Online Vault -- AO News

  Site Manager Wanted  [ 3 Comments ]
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
Are you a major fan of Anarchy Online? If so, the Vault Network is on the look out for a new Site Manager to take over the site. If you are interested, please shoot the Editorial Manager an email today!


-- -1313-Evil_Homer @ 11:22AM Mon 08 Jan 2007


Tuesday, 19 Dec, 2006

  Vault Network News: New Lord of the Rings Online Vault  
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
The Vault Network is very excited to announce the launching of our latest site, Lord of the Rings Online Vault. Please take a moment and drop by to see what is going on with this highly anticipated game from Turbine based around one of the most famous fantasy worlds of all time.

Lord of the Rings Online Vault

-- -1313-Evil_Homer @ 7:06PM Tue 19 Dec 2006


Friday, 15 Dec, 2006

  Vault Network Best of 2006 Polls  
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
Please take a moment and drop by the Vault Network Hub and cast your votes in their year end, "Best of 2006". Vote for your favorites!

Vote Now!

-- -1313-Evil_Homer @ 12:48AM Fri 15 Dec 2006


Thursday, 14 Dec, 2006

  Funcom Launches �Anarchy Online � Lost Eden�  [ 1 Comment ]
Print News | Mail News | Category: Community - Game
Funcom announces the launch of �Anarchy Online � Lost Eden,� the new quality expansion pack for the hugely successful sci-fi MMO. �Anarchy Online � Lost Eden� brings an awesome range of new features for all level ranges, offering countless more hours of action and fun for all Rubi-Ka citizens.

�Anarchy Online� has evolved tremendously through the years, and there are few, if any, MMO games which offer a better sci-fi experience. As we launch another great expansion we hope both new, existing and returning �Anarchy Online� players will fully enjoy our creation,� said Trond Arne Aas, CEO of Funcom. �The feedback from the Beta has been excellent and the battle-mech pre-order program has exceeded all of our expectations. Now we simply can�t wait to see how it pans out as all the players are digging into a vast range of fun new content.

The new expansion is only available digitally and costs 29.95 USD/EUR. When purchasing �Anarchy Online � Lost Eden� you automatically receive the multi award-winning expansion packs �Notum Wars,� �Shadowlands� and �Alien Invasion,� as well as the classic version of �Anarchy Online�!


  • Fight the epic battle for control of Rubi-ka in space! All-new orbital battle stations take player-versus-player combat between Clan and Omni players to new heights.
  • Enter the heart of the organic alien motherships! Unleash your powers inside the terrifying alien invasion fleet while exploring mysterious and challenging indoor environments.
  • Go to war with missile launchers, gun turrets and call upon devastating air strikes! Its time to fight for Notum tower control in a whole new way.
  • Make the war count! Add your experience points to planet-wide research and gain terrible weapons of war, such as orbit-to-ground laser cannon attacks and upgraded battle-mechs.
  • Master and use devastating new battle-mechs! Unleash their potential for death on massive player-versus-player battlefields, in space and on the ground.
  • Conquer a whole new range of weapons and armor as you battle across Rubi-ka in its darkest hour! Lost Eden brings you on a journey ever closer to Armageddon.

Existing �Anarchy Online� customers can purchase the expansion through Funcom�s account pages. Simply log onto and follow the instructions. New customers can order from the Funcom shop.

-- h13alt @ 10:10AM Thu 14 Dec 2006


Wednesday, 6 Dec, 2006

  Topic of the week  [ 10 Comments ]
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
This weeks topic of the week is.. discussion topics. It may seem like a cop-out upon first hearing it, but this is in regards to the new contest that was discussed a few weeks ago. This will go on one week as the community suggests things to discuss.

At the end of that week, topics will be chosen at random and then new contests based off of those. Winners will recieve permanent titles on the VN Boards and have their winning post appear on a unique section of the Vault.

You can suggest them here.

-- Adrius @ 9:19PM Wed 06 Dec 2006


Thursday, 30 Nov, 2006

  New AO Vault Poll  [ 2 Comments ]
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
A new poll has appeared on the side bar of AO Vault, asking that you think of the Lost Eden Pre-Order bonus being a special mech.

-- Adrius @ 11:28AM Thu 30 Nov 2006


Wednesday, 22 Nov, 2006

  Screenshot of the week  
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
Better late than never. you can view it here.

-- Adrius @ 11:58AM Wed 22 Nov 2006


Friday, 17 Nov, 2006

  Vault Network News: New Warhammer Vault  
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
The Vault Network is extremely thrilled to announce the launching of our latest site, Warhammer Vault. Please take a moment and drop by to see what is going on with the highly anticipated game from Mythic. While there, be sure to check out the video Q&A; series that was kicked off today.

Warhammer Vault

-- -1313-Evil_Homer @ 11:32AM Fri 17 Nov 2006


Monday, 13 Nov, 2006

  New Lost Eden Screenshots on IGN  
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
IGN has recieved several new LE screenshots.

Check them out here.

-- Adrius @ 2:26PM Mon 13 Nov 2006

Lost Eden Pre-Orders now available!  [ 9 Comments ]
Print News | Mail News | Category: Game
Funcom has announced that Pre-Orders are now available for purchase. Pre-Orders get access to an exclusive mech design!

Read the full story here.

-- Adrius @ 2:24PM Mon 13 Nov 2006


Saturday, 11 Nov, 2006

  New Poll, read here before voting!  [ Comment ]
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
We at AOV have a new idea for a contest and would like to know if you would wish to participate.

The essential idea is that a topic is picked from a pool of topics. The topics would be inititally suggested by the community in a pre-contest. One would be chosen per 1-2 weeks. It would work much like a "Topic of the Week" contest, but have a different twist to it. Each person wishing to enter writes out a small column containing their thoughts on the subject, and either posts it or sends it in privately. At the end of the week or two weeks, a panel of judges (myself and two other people I will pick out if this pans out) deliberate and agree on a winner. The winning column would get published on AOVault under a new columns section, with accompanying news post and custome teaser graphic (such as the one above the news listings) for that week or two week period. They would also be rewarded a permanent title for display on the boards.

People are not expected to be perfect writers. It's called a column because it would be published as such. It would be a person expressing what they feel about any particular subject.

People wouldn't be judged on grammar, but on content and how well someone made their point.

with that said, please cast your vote on the right side of AO Vault's front page.

-- Adrius @ 12:16AM Sat 11 Nov 2006

Results for last week's poll are in  
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
The question was:

What do you think of Funcom allowing froobs access to Notum Wars?

Great Idea! 26
I don't care either way. 6
Bad move! 4

-- Adrius @ 12:11AM Sat 11 Nov 2006


Thursday, 9 Nov, 2006

  Google Ad Help  
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
The Vault Network is asking the community to help us preserve our "Don't Destroy the Game" philosophy and mantra. Our parent company IGN has partnered with the good guys over at Google to run its "Google Ads" across all of IGN's sites, which includes the Vaults. With that comes the chance of Google running a gold seller-type ad that might slip by the existing filter we help set up to ensure these ads are blocked. Because we told Google that these gold farmer type ads suck and don't belong on the Vault Network. They were more than happy to work with us to keep such ads off our sites. So, we will be watching to make sure we remove any that happen to slip through and muck up our stuff!

There is a gold lining to this situation (pun intended!). We have a system in place where any community member can submit an ad they might see via a simple and easy web form. You only need to provide one of two pieces of information: Name of Ad and/or the Link for the Ad -- that's it. Click here to learn more and where to submit.

-- -1313-Evil_Homer @ 11:52PM Thu 09 Nov 2006

New poll on the Vault Forums regarding a new type of contest!  
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
You can check it out here, all votes and thoughts would be appreciated.


-- Adrius @ 1:13AM Thu 09 Nov 2006

Submit your screens, wallpapers and more!  [ Comment ]
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
Have some screenshots or other images you would like to see featured on AOVault? You may now submit them quick and easy via AO Vault's new yahoo mail account. Simply attach the files, send them in, and they will be uploaded. They could even be featured as a screenshot of the week.

Make sure the title is "AOV Screenshot".

Send them in!

-- Adrius @ 1:00AM Thu 09 Nov 2006

New Wallpaper  [ 1 Comment ]
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
A new wallpaper has been posted this week in leiu of a new screenshot.

You can view it here.

-- Adrius @ 12:55AM Thu 09 Nov 2006


Sunday, 5 Nov, 2006

  New Poll  [ 4 Comments ]
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
There's a new poll here on AOVault, check the right side panel on the front page to vote.

-- Adrius @ 5:28PM Sun 05 Nov 2006


Wednesday, 1 Nov, 2006

  Screenshot of the Week  [ Comment ]
Print News | Mail News | Category: Vault
This weeks screenshot comes from Dagget of Rimor.

You can view it here.

-- Adrius @ 2:01PM Wed 01 Nov 2006


Saturday, 28 Oct, 2006

  2 Press Releases  [ Comment ]
Print News | Mail News | Category: Community
Funcom has made two press releases in the last few days. Click "read more" below to view them.


-- Adrius @ 12:30PM Sat 28 Oct 2006


Wednesday, 25 Oct, 2006

  AO Halloween preview  [ 4 Comments ]
Print News | Mail News | Category: Community
Funcom posted a preview for this year's Halloween eventm which yoou can check out here.

-- Adrius @ 12:34AM Wed 25 Oct 2006



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What do you think of the Lost Eden pre-order bonus being a specially designed mech?
Wow, that is freakin awesome!
I guess that's cool.
I don't really care to be honest.
That kinda sucks.
A new era of haves and have-nots has dawned....

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