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In today’s world everyone is always looking for the next best thing; the hippest new clothing trend, the latest gadget or the hottest new locale where everyone who’s anyone can be found. Brad Young, Billy Dec and Arturo Gomez, the masterminds behind Rockit Ranch Productions, own and operate Chicago hotspots such as Le Passage and Rockit Bar & Grill. The successful and ever growing company has recently announced their newest project opening in Winter 2006. Underground, a hush-hush new club, is hidden in the heart of Chicago’s River North neighborhood, close to Rockit Bar & Grill. The exact location is being kept secret as the new club/lounge is not interested in the quantity of people attending their joint but rather the quality of environment and experience once inside. Much like Rockit Ranch Production’s several other upscale nightlife venues which were born by an inspiration and have carried out various themes, Underground is a replication of an underground bomb shelter. The idea behind the new club pushes secrecy, privacy and exclusivity. Young, Dec and Gomez want Chicagoans to have a hideout, an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of the city. A place where one can enjoy good food and socialize with others much like themselves, creating an eclectic and unique mix of people who are confident, influential and always looking for more. Dec says, “At Underground, there will be a freedom to depart from the rest, which will offer a platform to express those
differences in style and be welcomed in whatever form that comes.”
-Christine Picchietti

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Underground Chicago
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