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PS3 - Platformer
Sonic the Hedgehog

words: Dave Halverson

Talk about a letdown…

When Sega delayed the PS3 version of Sonic it only made sense that they intended on building a better mouse trap: smoothing out the games rough edges and perhaps decreasing the back-breaking load times.

This is not the case.

Sonic the Hedgehog for the PS3 is, in fact, a mess. Plagued by insidious slow down and pop-up both in the city (Soleanna) and the levels to the point that it’s hard to believe, the game is also stripped down visually. Reflections and fine details are gone, textures muddy, and colors blown out; I guess Sonic Team summed it up pretty well in my recent interview…

Play: How identical is the PS3 version visually? Was it difficult to port it so quickly?
ST: I feel that PS3 is a hardware where we still can keep experimenting on. I believe that with further experiments a tremendous expression will be possible. In regards of porting, we are trying to create no difference visually, but since it is new hardware it is very challenging for us.

Play: Do you see the PS3 as a system that will evolve greatly as developers figure out how to maximize its potential?
ST: We are still struggling! PS3 will be the core of home entertainment and the weight will be put more on entertainment rather than games. I think this is the shift the PS3 will be going through.

Sounds like, once again, Sonic Team and Sony just don’t mix. They were dodgy on PS2 and they’re downright allergic to the PS3. For what it’s worth, Sonic the Hedgehog 360 is awesome, and Sonic Rings is looking amazing. Sonic Team still has it when it comes to Nintendo and Microsoft.

My advice is to stay as far away from this one as possible; especially if you’re a Sonic fan. After spending 700.00 on a console this is like a kick in the teeth. This game should be cancelled.

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Sonic Team
January 2007
The shell of the 360 game is still here…that’s almost an insult now though. The worst next-gen slowdown and pop-up I’ve seen and it still loads forever.

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