Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Open Guide to Milton Keynes

Who to contact if you need to ask a question?

If you have a question about this Open Guide, contact the Admin Team

What's the best way to name things that have a specific location, such as shops or pubs?

The syntax we have tried to settle on is Name, Locale. For example The Cricketers, Oldbrook, or Marks and Spencer, Central Milton Keynes.

What's the best way to get started in contributing?

Try editing an existing page. Or create a new page copying a similar page. If you want to look at a larger Open Guide, take a look at the [Open Guide to London].

How do I add a photo?

It is pretty easy to embed a photo that has been already uploaded to [Flickr]. All you need is the image number, then decide how large you want it to appear on the page. The photo automatically aligns to the right. In double square brackets, enter Image: then quote the image number followed by the pipe symbol |, and lastly add the size letter s (small) m (medium) or l (large). I have found the large size to be a little unreliable. You will see an outgoing link image in the text where you placed the tag and the image itself will probably be further down the page - both link to the photo's own page on Flickr. In theory, you are supposed to say that the image is being hosted on Flickr.