How To Get Started

Understand the Ethos

First thing is to have a look around at some of the existing entries, and get a feel for how people write entries in the Open Guides. If you don't feel confident about jumping in and creating a new page, then make a small edit to an existing page, to get a feel for how the editing system works. Before making any big changes please have a look at the Wiki Etiquette to get some background understanding about using the Open Guide to Milton Keynes.

Read How to Format Text and Make Links

Set Yourself a Username

Make a user account for yourself if you'd prefer not to post anonymously. We like it when people sign up and sign what they've authored, it gives people confidence in the entries.

Get Editing

When you've looked around and maybe made a few small edits on existing entries, [Create a Page] of your own. Tell us about your favourite cafe, or park (or something else). The main thing is to give people the basic geographical information so they can find the place, then give people as much detail as you like.