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Sat 03 Feb 2007

[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News
People (including myself) have been receiving emails from what appears to be NCSoft. These emails are NOT from NCSoft. Here's a sample of what they start out saying:
Dear PlayNC Client,

At PlayNC the greatest responsability to our customer is the safekeeping of confidential information you have entrusted to us and using it in a responsable manner. A fundamental element of safeguarding your confidential information is to provide protection against unauthorized access or use of this information. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal guidelines to guard your nonpublic personal information against unauthorized access.

At this time we need you to renew your online account with our existing database( or it will be deactivated and deleted ). As soon as our database will be updated we need to make a few important anouncements to our customers so please renew your PlayNC account with no delay

They go on to give an address to click on to give them information. Do not click on this address. Note: NCSoft will never send you emails asking for your information like this. This is what Mistryl had to say:
This is not an email from PlayNC -- please don't click the link if you receive this email! As a reminder to everyone, NCsoft will never ask you for your password in an email or anywhere other than logging into PlayNC.com or a game. Emails asking for your game or PlayNC password are typically fraudulent, especially emails that claim your account or characters will be deleted.

Pass the word on to your friends. Do NOT reply to this email.

-- Seridove @ Sat 03 Feb 2007


Fri 02 Feb 2007

  L2 Week in Review
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News

L2Vault Week in Review

We start our week with the Featured Hero, Cha0sKeeper, a Devianne player who's quote is one befitting a hero:

"Play the game as it's made.
Don't fix olympic games, bot, or ebay."

Read about all of our Featured Heroes here.

The Fishing Championship Tournament has started and will run for the next few weeks. Grab a pole and get fishin'! Prizes include hundreds of thousand of adena in rewards adn a unique trophy hair accessory!

Window into The Catacombs brings us a great image of a battle with a Tomb Preacher. No poll this week... Shhh! :) Also in site content, we have Nerukan's first of a series fiction, The Mercenary.
"Gold dropped into the hands of Eldacar. Several heavy shining pieces of adena in those gloved hands. He gave a pleased smile as he shifted them in his palm and secured them safely in his pocket. Mesme had not survived, but he didn't care for the life of the dark elf. He was to be paid, for the heads of dark elves he did bring in...."
Read it here.

Our latest Lady of Lineage is none other than Lineage Radio DJ Vampyress!
What aspect of Lineage 2 do you like the best? What aspect do you like the least?
"The relationships you have with the friends you make in the game. No matter if the game sends us different roads we still end up chatting at length at it. The game is great, there is nothing I really don't like about it."

Also this week were a new set of calendars! One for Februrary and one specificly holiday-themed.
February 2007 / Valentines Day Scene-February 2007 Calendar

If you have articles, screenshots, event info, or any L2-related content that you'd like to share with the Lineage 2 community, send it in! Movies, art, wallpapers, articles... you name it! You can send them to us using our convenient submissions page.

-- Loktofeit @ Fri 02 Feb 2007

The FBI and Lineage 2
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News

That's right, even in the virtual online gaming world, there is still the F.B.I. Want to know how they shut down the private servers that have been illegally operating? Check out the story here.

-- Seridove @ Fri 02 Feb 2007


Thu 01 Feb 2007

  L2 Vault's Lady of Lineage!
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News

Go to the Feature

It's Thursday. . and that means we have a new "Lady of Lineage" to feature! Today, we meet Vampyress, DJ at Lineage Radio!
1. Why did you start playing Lineage 2?

I watched my husband play the game for six months. I decided to start play on his account and then we were fighting over the game when he came home from work. That is when we agreed to get my own account.

Read the entire feature here!

Know a lady who plays the game and who would be willing to be featured on Lineage 2 Vault? Send me an email at: seridove[at]vaultnetwork[dot]com!

-- Seridove @ Thu 01 Feb 2007

2 New February Calendars
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News

For the month of February, we bring to you not one beautiful calendar for your desktop. . but two! (and we won't even charge you for the second one *grins*)

The calendars are available in the following sizes:
1024, 1280x960, 1280x1024 and 1600.

Ice Angel
Valentine's Day Scene

-- Seridove @ Thu 01 Feb 2007


Wed 31 Jan 2007

  Featured Lady of Lineage: Teaser!
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News
That's right..she's not featured until tomorrow. .but here's a teaser for you all!

Would you consider yourself a casual player or hardcore player?
I consider myself a hard core player. Ask anyone in my clan and they will tell you the same.

Find out more about this hardcore girl gamer tomorrow!!

-- Seridove @ Wed 31 Jan 2007

Fan Fiction: The Mercenary (Chapter 1)
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News

Gold dropped into the hands of Eldacar. Several heavy shining pieces of adena in those gloved hands. He gave a pleased smile as he shifted them in his palm and secured them safely in his pocket. Mesme had not survived, but he didn't care for the life of the dark elf. He was to be paid, for the heads of dark elves he did bring in....

Continue reading here!

-- Seridove @ Wed 31 Jan 2007

Window into the Catacombs!
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News

Today our wandering warrior comes across two brave fighters in the Catacomb of Dark Omens fighting a Tomb Preacher.

One of the most incredible aspects of Lineage 2 is the amazing world we get to play in. I'm looking for you to share screenshots of the areas that you find especially beautiful. All you have to do is send them in to Seridove and we'll feature them on the front page of the Lineage 2 Vault.

-- Seridove @ Wed 31 Jan 2007

Poll Results
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News
Well the votes have been tallied and it was pretty close! Here are the results of what *you* think should be on the top of NCSoft's New Year's Resolution List!

Make our characters more customizable. [22 votes]
Be more aggressive on permanently getting rid of bots. [18 votes]
Make all transportation free. [15 votes]
Increase the drop rates for full drop gear. [13 votes]
Nothing! The game is PERFECT! [6 votes]

It's clear with new releases such as "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes" that the player base wants more customization. Let's hope that NCSoft hears those voices.

Look for our next poll on Monday!

-- Seridove @ Wed 31 Jan 2007


Tue 30 Jan 2007

  Fishing you say? Here's a Quick and Dirty Quest!
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News

Linnaeus' Special Bait
Level range: 60-62.
Group (not repeatable)

- Start: Fisherman's Guild Member Linnaeus in the Accessory Shop of the Town of Aden.
- Go to the Forbidden Gateway and hunt Crimson Drakes until you get 100 Hearts of Crimson Drakes.
- Return to Linnaeus to complete the quest.

Reward: 4 Flame Lures (to be used at Fishing Expertise 20 to capture a Red Treasure Chest).

Note: You will use the treasure chest in the next quest from Linnaeus.

-- Seridove @ Tue 30 Jan 2007

Fishing Season is NOW OPEN!!!
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News

Grab that freshly oiled fishing reel, a picnic basket, and a 6-pack of your favorite brew (I'm grabbing Fanta!) and head on over to the docks for some fishing fun!!

The Fishermen�s Guild Members are looking for the top fishermen in the lands of Aden and Elmore. If you�re one of the best fishers, you might win fame and fortune!

Why fish you say? Well not only will winners for the first two weeks don a new head accessory called Eva's Mark..but you can win the following:

1st Place: 800,000 Adena
2nd Place: 500,000 Adena
3rd Place: 300,000 Adena
4th Place: 200,000 Adena
5th Place: 100,000 Adena

For more information check out the Official Event Page! Good luck and happy fishing!

-- Seridove @ Tue 30 Jan 2007

Featured Hero from Devianne!
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News

Go to the Feature

Just who is our latest swashbuckling hero? Check out our newest featured hero, Cha0sKeeper from Devianne!

-- Seridove @ Tue 30 Jan 2007


Mon 29 Jan 2007

  Last Day to Vote!
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News

Today is the last day to vote on what you think should be at the top of NCSoft's resolution list. Get your vote in today!!!

-- Seridove @ Mon 29 Jan 2007

Don't Destroy the Game Campaign
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News

The Vault Network is asking the community to help us preserve our Don't Destroy the Game philosophy and mantra. Our parent company IGN has partnered with the good guys over at Google to run its "Google Ads" across all of IGN's sites, which includes the Vaults. With that comes the chance of Google running a gold seller-type ad that might slip by the existing filter we help set up to ensure these ads are blocked. Because we told Google that these gold farmer type ads suck and don't belong on the Vault Network. They were more than happy to work with us to keep such ads off our sites. So, we will be watching to make sure we remove any that happen to slip through and muck up our stuff!

There is a gold lining to this situation (pun intended!). We have a system in place where any community member can submit an ad they might see via a simple and easy web form. You only need to provide one of two pieces of information: Name of Ad and/or the Link for the Ad -- that's it. Click here to learn more and where to submit.

-- Seridove @ Mon 29 Jan 2007

What's HOT!! What's NOT!!
[Post A Comment] - Print News | Mail News

Our current Adena Art Contest ties into our Monday topic as we ask you: "What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?" Did it cost you 10 million adena? 100 million adena? We're looking for the most expensive item you actually forked over the adena for. . and.. what was so HOT about it that you coughed up the cash? Or looking back, was it really NOT that HOT? Comment and let us know!!!

-- Seridove @ Mon 29 Jan 2007


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