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Welcome to the New Thang Online Fansite. We have put alot of work into this very nice, and new site so I hope that you will get the best from it. It took us 2 weeks to finish everything we needed to do to get this up and running for you. We hope that you enjoy it and that it has alot of useful information. The site will be updated on a daily bases so that you have the most breaking news in the Thang Online world.


Thanksgiving Aunction
The Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. We are planning an auction event for Thangsgiving Day.................. Read more
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Posted on 12 Nov 2006 by Admin
Restat Item
Thang Developers have decided to add a wonderful restat item. Sadly it can only be purchased with lune so, to over 3/4 of thang it is pointless.
Posted on 18 Oct 2006 by Admin
Idiots on Forums
Due to the raising problems of idiot's spamming/posting stupid stuff on the forums Thang Online Community Board Admins have decided to only let Registered Users posts on the boards. All Registration must also be approved by the Admins.

Sorry for those of you who are not idiots and want fast access.
Posted on 11 Oct 2006 by Admin
Spammers on website
All the spammers have been banned from the forums. If this happens again www.ign.com will be taking action in the prosecuting these spammers. Sorry for any trouble this has given you.

Thank you,

Thang online Community Board Admins
Posted on 11 Oct 2006 by Admin
New Restat Item

Quote from Thang Developers

"Our new Restat item is now available for avatars couldn't restat their attributes due to level differents.
Restat item can be only purchased from our website item mall, and you will be able to choose one of your avatar to restat when purchasing the item.
After purchasing the item, your chosen avatar will be automatically receiving the restating chance, you can go to either Rian chieftain or the Patriarch of Yereden village.

Please notice that you only have one restating chance when you purchase this item."
Posted on 11 Oct 2006 by Admin
PvP Tournament Winners
Following are avatar names of our tournament winners.

1st : GravenSpear
2nd : KillBoy
3rd : Bowdacia
4th : prizzo
Posted on 11 Oct 2006 by Admin
Final PvP tournament match table.
Final match ups!

cholo0612 - Chalandra
GreenDeala - KillBoy
Scorpion84 - CarlosB
Bowdacia - Akechi
Littlerian - Prizzo

Good luck to all!
Posted on 24 Sep 2006 by Admin
PvP Tournament Update [ ROUND 2 ]
Match ups for round 2!

Akechi - Rivon
omegakiln - GreenDeala
Ricardohuman - KillBoy
Bowdacia - crazyxyujah
memiors - Chalandra
WillX - CarlosB
feczo - Kerron
Scorpion84 - yeroc
cholo0612 - missipolo
Prizzo - zoka
GravenSpear - Littlerian

These are great match ups! And good luck to all!
Posted on 23 Sep 2006 by Admin
Upcoming Event News
Here are a few words from the developers themselfs:

Hello, everyone. This is Administration Team of Thang Global.

We are very sorry about our recent replying process delay due to great increase of user postings. We will try our best to get back to each one of you as soon as possible regarding any matters.

Today, we have news for our users about upcoming restat and PvP events.
Restat event will be starting from tomorrow September 1st, please do not miss the important opportunity.
Also, PvP tournament will be held right after when users are done with their restating.

There will be further detailed notification posted very soon.
Please wait just a little bit for our process. wink
Posted on 23 Sep 2006 by Admin
PvP Tournament
Thang Online Developers have agreed to have a PvP Tournament! This is good news for the higher level players but bad news for the lower levels. The level requirements are level 90-130. Prizes includes Lune + specail rewards.
Posted on 23 Sep 2006 by Admin

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