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Whistle... "a device through which air...is forced into a cavity against a thin edge to produce a (loud) sound;...the sound produced by a whistle."

Welcome to the Whistle Press; the purpose of this web site is to shamelessly promote the fun and excitement of using a lowly material - clay - and manipulating it into a marvelous creation that comes to life with sound when you give it your breath - a clay whistle! No matter your age, or  amount of  experience working with clay - it is a thrill  to hear your whistle work, and gratifying to learn how to make it sound clearly and consistently.

If you click on the FAQ page, you can find a sampling of some of the information found in Clay Whistles...the voice of clay  (copyright 1989).

This  book has been helping teachers, craftspeople, and many other interested folks  learn since 1990 how to successfully create clay whistles and ocarinas, and hear "the voice of clay."

One customer writes:

"If you are planning on getting heavily into ocarina making, I heartily suggest the book "Clay Whistles...the voice of clay " by Janet Moniot...her book not only gives good instruction on making clay whistles and ocarinas, but has a nice troubleshooting section which lists problems...the likely cause and remedy for each. This kind of information can be extremely valuable during the learning process of making whistles, as what looks like a minor insignificant thing can be a big change in the sound and playability of an instrument."

Another satisfied customer writes: "I bought Janet Moniot's book...8 or 9 years ago...spent 3 days in my studio making whistles...and have been making whistles ever since. My husband said I would make a whistle, blow it, and giggle...then make another one, blow it, blow the ones I'd made before, and giggle...I'd recommend that book to anyone who is interested in making whistles!"

And another: I am so delighted that I received my video and book about clay whistles I would like a 2nd video and book for a friend. I really like this information and how you have presented it. It makes a great gift for fellow ceramists!


We appreciate your interest in our website and welcome your questions, comments  and feedback, all of which can be posted on the discussion page  or by e-mail to whistlelady@netzero.com

Additional contact information can be found at ordering information. Look there also for special offers! 

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